N - S



Native Son

Naughty Nurse, A

Nazi Strike, The

'Neath Arizona Skies

'Neath Canadian Skies

Negro in Entertainment, The


Nero & Pompea: An Orgy

Neutrogena Generic Reel

Neutron the Atomic Super-Man vs. the Maniac

Nevada City

Never Again

Never Too Late

Never Touched Me

Never Wave at a WAC

Never Weaken


New Adventure

New Adventures of Heidi, The

New Adventures of Tarzan, The

New Deal Rhythm

New Faces

New Invisible Man, The

New Janitor, The

New School Teacher, The

New Way of Traveling, A

New York Hat, The

Newlyweds, The

Newman's Laugh-O-Gram

Next Door Neighbors

Next Man, The

Niagara Falls

Nicholas Nickleby

Nickelodeon Night

Night at the Follies, A

Night Before Christmas, The

Night Fright

Night Has Eyes, The

Night in a Dormitory, A

Night in Hollywood, A

Night in the Show, A

Night is My Future

Night of Evil

Night of the Ghouls

Night of the Living Dead

Night of the Sharks

Night Out, A

Night Patrol, The

Night They Killed Rasputin, The

Night Tide

Night Time in Nevada

Night Train to Munich

Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square, A


Nightmare Castle

Nights of Cabiria

Nine Men

Ninja Grand Masters of Death

No More West

No Sleep on the Deep

No, No Nanette

Noah's Lark

Noble Sissle and Eubie Blake

Nobleman's Dog

Nomads of the North

Non-stop Kid/On My Way

Noon Whistle, The

Normandy Invasion

North of the Border

North Star, The

Northwest Mounted Police

Northwest Trail

Nose for News, A


Nothing Sacred

Nous la Liberte, A

Now or Never

NRA Official Featurette

Number, Please?

Nuremberg Trials, The

Nurse Edith Cavell

Nut, The

Of Human Bondage

Off the Deck

Officer 444

Oh So Simple

Oh Susanna!

Old Barn Dance, The

Old Corral, The

Old Curiosity Shop, The

Old Mother Riley's Ghosts

Old Spain

Old Swimmin' Hole, The

Old Testament, The

Old Tin Sides

Oliver Twist

Oliver Twisted

Olympia I

Olympia II

Omoo-Omoo the Shark God

On Guard!

On the Air

On the Night Stage

On the Run

One A.M.

One Arabian Night

One Body Too Many

One Eyed Jacks

One Good Turn

One Hard Pull

One is Business, the Other Crime

One More Time

One of My Wives is Missing

One of Our Aircraft is Missing

One Punch O'Day

One Quiet Night

One Rainy Afternoon

One Run Elmer

One Third of a Nation

One Too Many

One Week

One Wish Too Many

Only One Night

Open City

Open Secret

Open Switch, The

Open Track, The

Oranges and Lemons



Orgy of the Vampires

Orphans of the North

Orphans of the Storm



Ouija Board

Our Constitution

Our Daily Bread

Our Gang Follies 1938

Our Gang- Monkey Business

Our Gang- The Pickaninny

Our Hero

Our Town

Out of Control

Out of the Inkwell

Out West/Christi

Outcast, The

Outcasts of the City

Outdoor Indoor

Outer Gate, The

Outlaw, The

Outpost in Morocco

Outside the Law

Oval Portrait, The

Overland Mail

Over-the-Hill Gang

Over-the-Hill Gang Rides Again

Overunning of Germany

Pace That Kills, The

Pagan Island

Painted Desert, The

Painted Faces

Painted Hills, The

Painted Lady, The

Painted Stallion, The


Pajama Game, The

Paleface, The


Palooka From Paducah

Panama Menace

Panama Patrol

Panda and the Magic Serpent

Panic Button

Panic in the City

Panic in the Parlor, A


Paper Man

Paper Tiger

Paradise Canyon

Paradise Island

Paradise Isle


Pardon My Accident

Pardon My Gun

Pardon My Pups

Pardon My Trunk

Paris After Midnight

Paris Express

Parisian Romance, A

Parlor, Bedroom and Bath


Party Girl

Passing Clouds

Passing of the Third Floor Back, The


Passion of Joan of Arc, The

Paste and Paper

Patchwork Girl of Oz, The

Pather Panchali


Pawnshop, The

Pay Day

Pay or Move

Pay Train, The

Peacock Fan, The

Peanuts and Bullets

Peck's Bad Boy

Peck's Bad Boy with the Circus


Penny Serenade

Penny Wise

People Are Funny

People, The

Pepe Le Moko

Perfect Clown, The

Perils of Pauline, The

Perils of the Rail

Perpetual Motion

Perseus the Invincible


Phable of a Busted Romance, The

Phable of a Phat Woman, The

Phantom Chariot, The

Phantom Creeps, The

Phantom Empire, The, 1-7

Phantom Empire, The, 8-12

Phantom Express, The

Phantom Flyer, The

Phantom from 10,000 Leagues, The

Phantom from Space

Phantom in the House, The

Phantom of Santa Fe, The

Phantom of the Opera, The

Phantom of the West, The

Phantom Planet, The

Phantom Thunderbolt, The

Pharmacist, The



Pick and Shovel

Pick Up, The

Picking Peaches



Picnic, The

Pie Covered Wagon, The


Pimpernel Smith

Pink Pajamas



Plan 9 from Outer Space

Planet of Blood

Planet of Storms, The

Planets Against Us

Planets of the Sun

Plastic Age, The

Platform for Invasion

Playboy Number One

Playhouse, The

Playing Dead


Pleasure Unlimited

Pogo's Special Birthday

Poisoned Ivory


Police Dog on the Wire, The

Police Justice

Polly-Tix in Washington

Pool Sharks

Poor Little Rich Girl, The


Popeye Films: Sinbad, Aladdin, Ali Baba

Popeye the Sailor

Popeye: At the Carnival

Popeye: King of the Jungle

Popeye: Lighthouse Keeping

Popeye: Season's Greetings

Popeye: Throwing the Bull

Popeye: Wow Injuns

Poppy is also a Flower, The

Porky's Railroad-Missing Hare

Port of Call

Port of Missing Girls

Port of Shadows

Postmark for Danger

Pot O' Gold

Pot Parent Police

Prehistoric Women

Prelude to Invasion/Fight for the Sky/Crusade in

Prelude to War

Pride of Jesse Hallam, The

Pride of Jesse James

Pride of Pickeville

Pride of the Bowery

Pride of the Clan, The

Prince Pistachio

Princess and the Swineherd, The

Princess Nicotine

Prison Break

Prisoner in the Middle

Prisoner of Corbal, The

Prisoner of Japan

Prisoner, The

Private Buckaroo

Private Life of Don Juan, The

Private Life of Henry VIII, The

Private Snuffy Smith

Prize Puppies


Project: Kill

Promise of Love, The

Promise, The

Promoter, The

Property Man, The

Prophet, The

Proud Valley, The


Public Affair, A

Public Cowboy No. 1

Publicity Pays


Pumpkin Who Couldn't Smile, The

Punch and Jody

Purely Circumstantial

Puss in Boots


Pyx, The

Quatermass 2 (Enemy from Space)

Quatermass Experiment, The

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Kelly

Queen of Sheba, The

Queen of the Amazons

Queen of the Chorus, The

Queen of the Jungle

Question of Fact, A


R.F.D. 10,000 B.C.

Racing Blood

Racket Cheers

Racket Girls

Racketeer, The

Radar Men from the Moon

Radio Ranch

Rage at Dawn

Rage of Paris, The

Raggedy Ann and Andy

Raiders of Ghost City

Raiders of Red Gap

Railroad Stowaways, The


Rainbow Over Broadway

Rainbow Valley

Rainy Day

Randy Rides Alone

Rangeland Racket

Ranger and the Lady, The

Rangers Take Over, The

Rare Films

Rat Pfink a Boo Boo


Rawhide Romance

Reaching for the Moon

Real American Hero

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm


Red and the Black, The

Red Balloon, The

Red Blood

Red Desert

Red House, The

Red Kimona, The

Red Lights Ahead



Reefer Madness

Reel Cartoons, Vol. 1

Reel Cartoons, Vol. 10

Reel Cartoons, Vol. 11

Reel Cartoons, Vol. 12

Reel Cartoons, Vol. 12, 17

Reel Cartoons, Vol. 13

Reel Cartoons, Vol. 14

Reel Cartoons, Vol. 14 (Daffy)

Reel Cartoons, Vol. 14, 15

Reel Cartoons, Vol. 15

Reel Cartoons, Vol. 16

Reel Cartoons, Vol. 17

Reel Cartoons, Vol. 17 (Classic Charcters)

Reel Cartoons, Vol. 18

Reel Cartoons, Vol. 19

Reel Cartoons, Vol. 22

Reel Cartoons, Vol. 23

Reel Cartoons, Vol. 24

Reel Cartoons, Vol. 5

Reel Cartoons, Vol. 6

Reel Cartoons, Vol. 7

Reel Cartoons, Vol. 8 (Popeye)

Reel Cartoons, Vol. 9

Reggie Mixes In

Reg'lar Fellers

Remedy for Riches

Renegade Girl

Rent Jumpers, The


Requiem for a Secret Agent

Return of Boston Blackie, The

Return of Casey Jones, The

Return of Chandu, The

Return of Draw Egan, The

Return of Grey Wolf, The

Return of Rin Tin Tin, The

Return to Fantasy Island

Revenue Man and His Girl, The

Review #26

Revolt of the Zombies

Rhythm in the Clouds

Rich and Strange

Ride in the Wind

Ride Ranger Ride

Ride the High Wind

Riders of Death Valley

Riders of Destiny

Riders of the Desert

Riders of the Law

Riders of Whistling Pines

Riders of Whistling Skull, The

Riders on the Rain

Ridin' Down the Canyon

Riding for Life

Riding on Air


Ring of Terror

Ring, The


Rink, The

Rip Roaring Riley

Rip Van Winkle

Rip's Booze Snooze


Rita Moreno

Rivals, The/Lincoln Green

River Niger, The

River of Unrest

RMI Cartoons, Vol. 4

Road Show

Road to Hollywood

Road to Mandalay, The

Road to Ruin, The

Road to Yesterday, The

Roar of the Press

Roaring Road, The

Roaring Speedboats

Robin Hood- A Tuck in Time, Children of the Green

Robin Hood- An Apple for the Archer, Friar's Pilgramage

Robin Hood- Angry Village, Quickness of the Hand

Robin Hood- Bandit of Brittany, Bride for an Outlaw

Robin Hood- Black Five, The Salt King

Robin Hood- Blackmail, Isabella

Robin Hood- Brother Battle, The Five

Robin Hood- Carlotta, The Road in the Air

Robin Hood- Errand of Mercy, Challenge of the Black Knight

Robin Hood- Friar Tuck, Roman Gold

Robin Hood- Jonguler, Minstrel

Robin Hood- Maid Marion, The Deserted Castle

Robin Hood- My Brother's Keeper, Marion's Prize

Robin Hood of the Pecos

Robin Hood- Pepper, The Charter

Robin Hood- Ransom, The Loaf

Robin Hood- Table Turned

Robin Hood- The Battle of China

Robin Hood- The Blackbird, Highland Fling

Robin Hood- The Brothers, The Trap

Robin Hood- The Coming of Robin, The Black Patch

Robin Hood- The Flying Sorcerers, Sybella

Robin Hood- The Healing Hand, The Vandals

Robin Hood- The Lady Killer, The Double

Robin Hood- The Little Monster, The Borrowed Baby

Robin Hood- The Lottery, The Traitor

Robin Hood- The Miser, The Thurkill Ghost

Robin Hood- The Prisoner, The Frightened Tailor

Robin Hood- The Secret Pool, The May Queen

Robin Hood- The Shell Game, Farewell to Tuck

Robin Hood- The Sherrif's Boots, The Profiteer

Robin Hood- The York Treasure, Food for Thought

Robin Hood- The Youngest Outlaw, Checkmate

Robin Hood- The Youthful Menace, The Dreams

Robin Hood- Too Many Earls, Ladies of Sherwood

Robin Hood- Will Scarlet, The Infidel

Robin Hood-The Bride of Robin Hood, Secret Mission

Robin Hood-The Village of Wooing, The Haunted Mill

Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island

Robot Pilot

Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy

Rogue Male

Roll on Texas Moon

Rolling Home

Romance a la Carte

Romance of a Horsethief

Romance of Happy Valley, A

Romance on the Range

Rommel Routed

Rootin' Tootin' Rhythym

Ropin' Fool, The

Rose Marie

Rosso Segno Dellia Follia

Rough Riders' Round-Up

Rounders, The

Rounding Up the Law

Royal Affair, A

Royal Bed, The

Royal Wedding

Rubber Tires

Rules of the Game, The

Run for Your Money, A

Runaway Bus, The

Rural Romance


Rustler's Valley


S.O.S. Clipper



Safety Last

Saga of Death Valley

Sagebrush Trail

Sailor Beware!


Sally of the Sawdust

Sally, Irene and Mary


Salome, Where She Danced

Salt of the Earth

Salute John Citizen

Sam Cade

Sampson and Gideon

Samson vs. the Vampire Women

San Demetrio, London

San Fernando Valley

San Francisco Worlds Fair

San Pedro Bums

Sanders of the River

Sands of Beersheeba

Santa and the Three Bears

Santa Claus

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

Santa Fe Trail

Santa's Christmas Elf

Santa's Workshop

Saraband for Dead Lovers

Sasquatch, the Legend of Bigfoot


Satan's School for Girls

Saturday Afternoon

Savage Fury

Savage Girl, The

Savage Water

Save the Ship

Sawmill, The


Scar of Shame, The

Scar, The

Scarecrow, The

Scared to Death

Scarlet Car, The

Scarlet Letter, The

Scarlet Pimpernel, The

Scarlet Street

School Days

School for Scoundrels

School Play, The

Scott of the Antarctic

Scrambled Eggs

Screaming Skull, The


Sea Dog's Tale, A

Sea Lion, The

Sea Raiders

Sealed Room, The

Second Chorus

Second Woman, The

Secret Agent

Secret of the Loch, The

Secret of the Telegian, The

Secret, The

Secretary, The

Secrets of a High School Girl

Secrets of Sweet Sixteen

Secrets of the Soul

Seein' Things

Seller Beware

Seniors, The

Senora Tentacion

Sensation Hunters


Sergeant and the Spy

Servant Girl's Legacy, The

Sesenta Horas en el Cielo

Seven Chances

Seven Deadly Sins, The

Seven Dwarfs to the Rescue, The

Seven Years Bad Luck

Seventh Seal, The


Sex and the Animals

Sex Madness

Sexploiters, The

Sexy Proibitissimo

Shadow of Chinatown

Shadow of the Eagle

Shadow Strikes, The


Shadows of the Orient


Shameless Old Lady, The

Shamrock and the Rose, The




She Came to the Valley

She Demons

She Freak

She Gods of Shark Reef

She Goes to War

She Said No

She Shoulda Said "No"

She Waits

Sheep Has Five Legs, The

Sheik, The

Shell Game

Sheriff of Tombstone

Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon

Sherlock Holmes and the Woman in Green

Sherlock Holmes- Baker Street Bachelors

Sherlock Holmes- Belligerent Ghost

Sherlock Holmes- Blindman's Bluff

Sherlock Holmes- Christmas Pudding

Sherlock Holmes- Cunningham Heritage

Sherlock Holmes- Deadly Prophecy

Sherlock Holmes- Diamond Tooth

Sherlock Holmes- Eiffel Tower

Sherlock Holmes- Exhumed Client

Sherlock Holmes- Haunted Gainsborough

Sherlock Holmes- Jolly Hangman

Sherlock Holmes- Lady Beryl

Sherlock Holmes- Night Train Riddle

Sherlock Holmes- Pennsylvania Gun

Sherlock Holmes- Red Headed League

Sherlock Holmes- Split Ticket

Sherlock Holmes- The Neurotic Detective

Sherlock Holmes- Vanished Detective

Sherlock Holmes- Violent Suitor

Sherlock Holmes- Winthrop Legend

Sherlock's Rivals

She's in Again

Shiek's Physique

Shifting Sands

Shine on Harvest Moon

Ship Ahoy

Ship of the Lost Men, The

Ships of the Night

Ships with Wings

Shivering Spooks

Shock O Rama

Shock Waves

Shock, The

Shoot to Kill

Shop Angel

Shore Leave

Shores of Iwo Jima and Guadal Canal, The

Short Circuit

Short Funny Films...Intentional and Otherwise

Short Vacation

Should a Girl Marry?

Shriek in the Night, A

Shriek of the Mutilated

Sicily, Operation Huskey


Sign of the Wolf

Signs of Spring

Silent Barriers

Silent Passenger, The

Silly Symphony/Old Mill

Silver Blaze

Silver Bullet, The

Silver Spurs

Silver Stallion

Sin of Harold Diddlebock, The

Sin Takes a Holiday

Sin You Sinners

Sing a Song of Six Pants

Sing While You're Able

Sing, Bing, Sing

Sing, Cowboy, Sing

Singing Buckaroo, The

Single Shot Parker

Sinister Invasion

Sinners in Paradise

Sins of Dorian Gray, The

Sitting Bull

Sitting on the Moon

Six Shootin' Sheriff

Sixteen Fathoms Deep

Ski Troop Attack

Skin Game, The

Skull and Crown

Sky Bandits

Sky Pilot, The

Sky Racket

Sky Raiders


Sky's the Limit, The



Slap Happy Days

Slaughter of the Vampires, The

Slave Trade in the World Today

Slave's Love, A

Sleeping Tiger, The

Sleuth, The

Slightly Honorable

Slip at the Switch, A

Slow as Lightning

Slow Down

Small Back Room, The

Small Town Boy

Small Town Idol, A

Small Town Sheriff

Smallest Show on Earth, The

Smart Alecks

Smart Salesman

Smart Way, The

Smashing the Third Reich


Smile Please


Smouldering Fires

Snake People

Snapping the Whip



Snow Country

Snow Creature, The

Snow Queen, The

Snow White

Snow White, the Clown and the Kids


Snows of Kilimanjaro, The

Snug in the Jug

So and Sew

So This is Washington

Social Terrors


Soldier Man

Soldier of Fortune

Soldiering for Uncle Sam

Soldiers of Fortune

Some Baby

Some Nerve

Someone at the Door

Someone Behind the Door

Something In Between

Something in Her Eye

Something to Sing About

Somewhere in Dreamland

Son of Ingagi

Son of Monte Cristo, The

Son of Samson

Son of the Shiek

Song of Freedom

Song of Nevada

Song of Texas

Song of the Gringo

Song of the Trail

Sons of Hercules in the Land of Darkness, The

Sons of Steel

Sons of the Sea

So's Your Aunt Emma!

Soul of the Beast

Soul Soldier

Sound of Laughter

South American George

South of Panama

South Riding

South Seas Adventures

South Seasickness

Southerner, The

Southward, Ho!

Spanish Love


Speak Easily

Speed Demon, The

Speed in the Gay Nineties

Speeding Along


Spills & Thrills

Spirit of Youth


Spoilers, The

Spooks Run Wild

Sports Snafus


Spotlight Scandals


Springtime in the Rockies

Springtime in the Sierras

Spuds 200

Spy in Black, The

Spy of Napoleon

Square Deal Sanderson

Squeeze Play

Squeeze, The

St. Benny the Dip

St. Martin's Lane

Stage Door Canteen

Stage Fright

Stage Hand, The

Stan and Ollie

Star Boarder, The

Star is Born, A

Star Packer, The

Stars as They Are

Stars Look Down, The

Stars of the Circus

Stars on Parade

Starvation Blues

State Department File 649


Steamboat Bill, Jr.


Stella Dallas

Step Lively


Stillwell Road, The

Sting of the Dragon Masters

Stolen Identity

Stone Cold Dead

Stop Kidding

Stork Club, The

Storm in a Teacup

Storm Over Asia

Stormy Waters

Story of a Junkie

Story of Danny Lester, The

Story of Vernon and Irene Castle, The


Strange Escapades

Strange Love of Martha Ivers, The

Strange Vengeance of Rosalie

Strange Woman, The

Stranger, The

Strangers of the Evening

Street of Forgotten Women, The

Street Scene

Street, The

Strictly GI


Strike Force

Striking Point

Strip Craps

Strip Strip Hooray!

Strip Tease Girl

Striptease Murder Case, The

Strong Revenge, A


Studio Tour

Study in Scarlet, A

Stunt Crazy

Stunt Pilot


Submarine Alert

Submarine Pirate, The


Successful Failure



Suicide Commando

Suicide's Wife, The

Summer City

Summer Daze

Sun Bunnies

Sunbeam, The

Sunday on the Farm

Sunday Sinners

Sundays and Cybele


Sundown Saunders

Sundowners, The

Sunny Italy


Sunset Carson Rides Again

Sunset on the Desert

Sunset Serenade

Super Hooper Dyne Lizzies





Swamp Fire

Swamp of the Lost Monsters, The

Swedish Wildcats

Sweeping Against the Winds

Sweet Cheat

Sweet Sensations

Swell Old Time Action

Swindle, The

Swing High Swing Low

Swing It, Sailor!

Swing Wedding

Swinging His Vacation

Swiss Conspiracy

Sword and the Dragon, The

Sword of El Cid, The

Sword of Venus

Sylvia and the Phantom

Symphony of Living