E - M



East of Borneo

East of Kilimanjaro

East Side Kids

Easter Bunny Is Coming to Town, The

Easter Seal Teleparade of Stars, The

Eastern Westerner

Easy Street

Easy Virtue

Eaten Alive

Eats Are West/Strike it Rich


Ed Sullivan Show, The

Edgar Hamlet

Edge of the World, The


E-Flat Man, The

El Diablo Rides

Electric House, The

Electronic Monster, The

Eleventh Commandment, The

Eli Eli

Elizabeth of Ladymead

Ella Cinders

Elusive Corporal, The



Emperor Jones, The

Enormous Changes

Erotic Illusion

Erotic Massage

Error in Judgment


Escape from Angola

Escape from El Diablo

Escape from Sobibor

Escape to the Sun

Eternally Yours

Eureka Stockade


Every Inch a Man

Everybody's Girl

Evil Come Evil Go

Evils of Alcohol, The

Excuse my Gloves

Exterminating Angel, The

Extra Girl, The

Eye Creatures, The

Eye for an Eye, An

Eyes Have It, The

Eyes of Julia Deep, The

Eyes of Texas

Eyes of Youth

Eyes Right

F. P. 1


Fable of the Jolly Rounders

Fabulous Dorseys, The

Fabulous Versailles

Face of Fu Manchu, The

Face of the Screaming Werewolf

Face on the Bar-room Floor, The

Facts of Love, The

Fainting Lover

Fair Play

Fait Accompli


Fallen Idol

False Colors

False Faces

False Roomers

False Vases

Fangs of Fate


Fantastic Planet, The

Fantastic Puppet People, The

Farewell to Arms, A

Farmer Al Falfa's Wayward Pup

Farmer Gray

Fast and the Furious, The

Fat Spy, The

Fatal Glass of Beer, The

Fatal Hour, The

Fatal Mallet, The


Father Nile

Father Sergius

Father's Little Dividend

Fatty and Mabel at the San Diego Expositiion

Fatty and Mabel's Simple Life

Fatty Joins the Force

Fatty's Faithful Fido

Fatty's New Role

Fatty's Plucky Pup

Fatty's Tintype Tangle


Fear Chamber, The

Fear in the Night

Feather Your Nest

Feel My Pulse

Feet of Mud

Felix Brings Home the Bacon

Felix Dopes it Out

Felix Gets the Can

Felix Hits the Deck

Felix Hunts the Hunter

Felix in Hollywood

Felix Saves the Day

Felix Wins Out

Felix: All Balled Up

Felix: Arabiantic

Felix: Astromeows

Felix: Bumy

Felix: Cold Rush

Felix: Comicalamites

Felix: Feline Follies

Felix: Flim Flam Films

Felix: Full o' Fight

Felix: Futuritzy

Felix: Germania

Felix: Maken Whoppee

Felix: Oily Bird (Godless Girl Footage)

Felix: Oriental Hugs

Felix: Pedigreedy

Felix: Pines and Dines

Felix: Pollytics

Felix: Romeo

Felix: School Daze

Felix: Sherlock

Felix: Sure Locked Homes

Felix: Switches Witches

Felix: Triffles with Time

Felix: Woos Whoopee

Female Animal

Female Bunch, The

Female of the Species, The

Fernandel the Dressmaker

Fiber McGee & Molly

Fierce Boxer, The


Fighter, The

Fighting Caravans

Fighting Deputy, The

Fighting Marines, The

Fighting Stallion, The

Fighting Sullivans, The

Fighting Westerner, The

Fighting with Kit Carson

Film Johnnie/U

Film's History

Final Assignment

Final Assist

Final Extra, The

Fire Alarm

Fire Brigade

Fire Monsters Against the Sons of Hercules

Fire Over England

Fireball Forward

Fireball Jungle


Fireman, The

First Spaceship on Venus

Fisherman's Wharf

Fist of Fear, Touch of Death

Fists of Bruce Lee

Fists of Fury

Fit for a King

Fits in a Fiddle

Five for Hell

Five Golden Dragons

Five Minutes to Love

Flaming Frontiers

Flaming Signal, The

Flaming Teenage, The

Flaming Urge, The

Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe

Flesh and Blood

Flesh and the Spur

Flight from Vienna

Flight to Nowhere

Flirting with Fate/Bluelight/My Hat

Floorwalker, The

Florida Enchantment, A

Flying Deuces

Flying Fists

Flying Fool, The

Flying Scotsman, The

Fool There Was, A

Foolish Wives

Fools Paradise


For Auld Lang Syne

For Sadie's Sake

Forbidden City, The

Forbidden Desire

Forbidden Games

Forbidden Jungle

Forbidden Music

Force of Impulse

Force of the Ninja

Forgotten Village, The

Fortress of the Dead

Fortune's Fool

Forty Thousand Horsemen

Foster and Laurie

Four Deuces, The

Four Horseman

Four in a Jeep

Four Just Men, The

Four Sided Triangle

Fox Hunt

Fraidy Cat, The

Frankenstein's Daughter


Freddy of the Jungle

Free Enterprise

Free to Love

Free, White and 21

French Follies

French Way, The

Fresh From the Fleet



Frigid Wife

Frolics on Ice

From Hand to Mouth

From Hell to Borneo

From Rags to Riches

Front Page, The


Frozen Limits, The

Frozen North, The

Fugitive, The

Full Hearts and Empty Pockets

Funeral for an Assassin

Funny Company, The (#1)

Funny Company, The (#11)

Funny Company, The (#11, 12)

Funny Company, The (#12)

Funny Company, The (#13, 14)

Funny Company, The (#15)

Funny Company, The (#15, 16)

Funny Company, The (#17, 18)

Funny Company, The (#19, 20)

Funny Company, The (#2)

Funny Company, The (#21)

Funny Company, The (#21, 22)

Funny Company, The (#23)

Funny Company, The (#23, 24)

Funny Company, The (#25)

Funny Company, The (#26, 25)

Funny Company, The (#27, 28)

Funny Company, The (#29, 30)

Funny Company, The (#3,4)

Funny Company, The (#30, 29)

Funny Company, The (#32, 31)

Funny Company, The (#34, 33)

Funny Company, The (#36, 35)

Funny Company, The (#37, 38)

Funny Company, The (#39, 40)

Funny Company, The (#41)

Funny Company, The (#41, 42)

Funny Company, The (#43, 44)

Funny Company, The (#45, 46)

Funny Company, The (#47, 48)

Funny Company, The (#49, 50)

Funny Company, The (#5)

Funny Company, The (#6)

Funny Company, The (#7)

Funny Company, The (#7, 8)

Funny Company, The (#9, 10)

Funny People

Fury Below

Fury in the Pacific

Fury of Hercules, The


G.I. Hero of the War, The #11

Gai Dimanche

Galloping Ghost, The

Galloping Major, The

Gambling with Souls

Gammera the Invincible


Gang's All Here, The

Gangs, Inc.

Gangsters of the Sea

Garden of Eden

Gate of Hell

Gay 90's

Gay Divorcee, The

Gay Nineties, The

Geisha Girl

General, The

Gentleman from California, The

Gentleman of Nerve


Get Christie Love

Get Out and Get Under

Get Rita

Getting Acquainted

Getting Gertie's Garter

Ghidrah, the Three Headed Monster

Ghost and the Guest, The

Ghost Patrol

Ghosts of Berkeley Square, The

Ghosts of Hanley House

Ghosts on the Loose

Ghoul, The

Giant Gila Monster, The

Giant of Metropolis, The

Giants of Rome, The

Giants of Thessaly, The

Gigolettes of Paris

Ginger Snaps

Girl and Her Trust, A

Girl from Calgary, The

Girl from Flanders

Girl in His Pocket

Girl in Room 20

Girl's Folly, A

Girls of London

Girls of Rio

Girls Will Be Boys

Git Along Little Doggies

Glad Rags to Riches

Gladiator of Rome

Gladiators Seven

Glen or Glenda

Glorifying the American Girl

Go Ask Alice

Go Down Death

Go for Broke!

Go! Go! Go!

Goat, The

Godfather Squad, The

Godless Girl

God's Gun

Godzilla vs. Monster Zero

Godzilla vs. the Cosmic Monster

Godzilla's Revenge

Goin' to Town

Going Spanish

Going Steady

Going Straight

Going to Congress


Gold Diggers of 1935

Gold Ghost, The

Gold of Naples, The

Gold Rush, The

Golem, The

Golf Bug, The

Golf Specialist, The

Golfers, The


Goliath Against the Giants

Goliath and the Dragon


Good Against Evil

Good News

Goodrich Dirt, Cowpuncher



Gorilla, The

Gospel According to St. Matthew

Gosta Berling's Saga

Grand Canyon Trail

Grand Hotel

Grand Illusion

Grand Slam Opera

Grantland Rice Sportlight, The: Hollywood Hobbies

Grasshopper, The

Graveyard Tramps

Great Alaskan Mystery, The

Great American Tragedy

Great Dan Patch, The

Great Flamarion, The

Great Gabbo, The

Great Guy

Great McGonnagal, The

Great Mike, The

Great Rupert, The

Great Train Robbery, The

Great White Trail, The

Greek Street

Green Acres

Green Archer, The

Green Glove, The

Green Grow the Rushes

Green Hornet Strikes Again, The

Green Promise, The

Groom Wore Spurs, The

Guerrilla Girl

Guest in the House

Guests Wanted

Guilty of Treason

Guilty Parents

Gulliver's Travels

Gun Cargo

Gun Girls

Gun in the House, A

Gunfight at Red Sands

Gunfight, A

Gung Ho!

Gunmen of the Rio Grande


Gussle the Golfer

Gussle Tied to Trouble

Gussle's Backward Way

Gussle's Day Of Rest

Guyana Tragedy: The Jim Jones Story

Hair-Trigger Casey

Hairy Ape, The

Half a Man

Half Baked Relations

Half Holiday

Half Shot at Sunrise

Handel's: The Water Music

Hands of a Stranger

Hands of Pleasure, The

Hands Up

Hanging Woman, The

Happy Days

Happy Go Lovely

Happy Landing

Happy Married Couple, A

Harassed Hero, The


Hard Hombre, The

Hard Knocks

Hard Knox

Harder They Come, The

Harem Scarem

Harlem Rides the Range

Harvest Melody

Hats Off

Haunted Castle, The

Haunted Ranch

Haunted Spooks

Hay Foot

Hayseed Romance

Hazel from Hollywood

He and She

He Did and He Didn't

He Looked Crooked

He Walked By Night

Head, The

Headin' Home

Headless Horseman, The

Headline Crasher

Heart Burn

Heart of a Nation, The

Heart of Humanity, The

Heart of the Golden West

Heart of the Rockies


Hearts of the World

Heavy Parade, The


Heist, The

Hell Ship Mutiny

Hell Town


Hell's Headquarters

Hell's Hinges

Hell's House

Help Wanted, Female

Henry VIII and His Six Wives

Her Boyfriend

Her Bridal Night

Her Bridal Night-Mare

Her Favorite Patient

Her Market Value

Her Silent Sacrifice


Hercules Against the Moon Men

Hercules and The Princess of Troy

Hercules in the Haunted World

Hercules Unchained

Herod the Great

Hey, Hey Fever

Hi De Ho

Hi Diddle Diddle

Hicks in Nightmareland, The

Hidden Menace

Hideous Sun Demon, The

High and Dizzy

High Command, The

High School Caesar

High School Girls

High Stakes

High Voltage

Highway Snobbery

Highway to Hell

Highway to Hell (Promo)


Hillbilly Blitzkrieg

Hillbilly Goat, The

Hiroshima Mon Amour

His Day Out

His Double Life

His Favorite Pastime

His First Command

His First Flame

His Girl Friday

His Life and Times

His Majesty the American

His Majesty, the Scarecrow of Oz

His Marriage Vow

His Million Dollar Job

His Musical Career

His New Job

His New Profession

His Picture in the Papers

His Prehistoric Past

His Private Life

His Private Secretary

His Reckless Fling

His Royal Slyness

His Trust

His Trysting Place

His Wooden Wedding

Hit Lady

Hitch-Hiker, The

Hitler- Dead or Alive

Hitler's S.S.: Portrait in Evil

Hoax, The

Hoboken to Hollywood

Hold Still

Hold That Woman

Hold Tight

Hold Your Breath

Hollow Triumph

Hollywood After Dark

Hollywood and Vine

Hollywood Documentary

Hollywood My Home Town

Hollywood on Parade

Hollywood Palace, The

Hollywood Revels

Hollywood Strangler Meets the Skid Row Slasher

Hollywood Thrillmakers

Holt of the Secret Service

Home Boner

Home in Oklahoma

Home of the Brave

Home Sweet Home

Home Work

Hometown Story

Honky Tonk Burlesque

Honky Tonk Girl

Honor of the Range

Honor Thy Father

Hoodoo Ann

Hook, Line and Sinker

Hooks and Jabs

Hoosier Schoolboy

Hop Along

Hoppy Serves a Writ


Horror Chamber of Dr. Faustus, The

Horror Express

Horror Hotel

Horror Trailers

Horrors of Spider Island

Hot Finish

Hot Foot

Hot on the Trail

Hot or Cold

Hot Rod Girl

Hotel Anchovy

House Divided, A

House of Danger

House of Darkness

House of Evil

House on Chelouche Street, The

How Comedies Are Born

How Fatty Made Good

How Men Propose

How to Go to a French Restaurant


Human Beast, The

Human Duplicators, The

Human Hearts

Human Monster, The

Humorous Phases of Funny Faces

Hunchback of Notre Dame, The

Huntsman, The

Hurly Burly

Hurray for Hooligan


Hurricane Express, The

Husbands or Lovers

I Accuse My Parents

I Beheld His Glory

I Conquer the Sea!

I Cover the Waterfront

I Dream if Jeannie

I Drink Your Blood

I Eat Your Skin

I Like Science

I Love

I Love Music

I Stand Condemned

Ice Cold Cocos

Iceman's Ball, The


Identity Unknown

Idle Class, The

Idle Eyes

Idol Dancer, The

Idol of the Jazz Age

If I Were Rich

If Tomorrow Comes

Il Tetto (The Roof)

I'll Build It Myself

I'm a Civilian Here Myself

I'm from Arkansas

I'm On My Way

Immigrant, The

Immoral One, The

Immortal Battalion, The

Immortal Story, The


Imposters, The

In a Strange City

In Again-Out Again

In Danger's Path

In Dutch

In Old New Mexico

In Old Santa Fe

In the Bag

In the Devil's Garden

In the Hands of the Enemy

In the Money

In the Park

In the Philadelphia Style

In the Switch Tower

In the Year 2889

In Which We Serve

Incident On a Dark Street

Incredible Petrified World, The

Indestructible Man


Indiscretion of an American Wife

Indoor Sports

Inner Sanctum

Innocent Husbands

Inside Man, The

Inside the Law

Inspector General, The


Interrupted Journey, The

Intimate Agony


Invasion of the Bee Girls

Invincible Brothers Maciste, The

Invincible Gladiator, The

Invisible Ghost

Invisible Revenge

Invisible Terror, The

Invisible Woman

Irish Cinderella, The

Iron Duke, The

Iron Mask, The

Iron Mule, The

Island of the Burning Doomed

Island, The


It Could Happen to You

It Happened in the Park

Italian Straw Hat, The

Italian, The

It's a Bear

It's a Gift

It's a Joke, Son

It's Good to be Alive

It's Great to Be Alive

It's Hot on Sin Island

It's Love Again

Ivan the Terrible



Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack Frost

Jack Knife Man, The

Jack London

Jack of Diamonds

Jackie Robinson Story, The

Jail Bait

Jailbird's Vacation

Jamaica Inn

James Dean

Jane Eyre

Jar, The

Java Head

Jaws of Justice


Jerry Lewis Show, The

Jesse James at Bay

Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter

Jesus of Nazareth

Jew Suss


Jitney Elopement, A


Jitters the Butler

Joan the Woman

Joe Louis Story, The

John Loves Mary

Johnny Holiday


Journey Beneath the Desert

Journey to the Center of Time

Journey Together


Joyless Street, The

Judge Priest

Judge, The

Judith of Bethulia

Judy Garland Show, The (#1)

Judy Garland Show, The (#16)

Judy Garland Show, The (#26)

Judy Garland Show, The (#3)

Judy Garland Show, The (#4)

Judy Garland Show, The (#5)


Juliet of the Spirits

Julius Caesar

Julius LaRosa Sings

Julius Sizzer

Jumpin' Bean


Jungle Book, The

Jungle Bride

Jungle Cavalcade

Jungle Siren

Junior G-Men

Junior G-Men (1-3)

Junior G-Men (4-6)

Junior G-Men (7-9)

Junior G-Men of the Air

Juno and the Paycock

Just Before Dawn

Just Neighbors

Just William's Luck

Justine de Sade

Kansan, The

Kansas City Confidential

Kansas Pacific

Kashmiri Run

Kelly of the Secret Service

Kennel Murder Case, The

Kentucky Blue Streak

Kickin' the Crowd Around

Kid Auto Race, The

Kid Brother

Kid from Spain

Kid in Africa

Kid in Hollywood

Kid Ranger, The

Kid Sister, The

Kid Vengeance

Kill or Cure

Kill, Baby...Kill!

Killer Bats

Killer Dill

Killer Shrews, The

Killer Snakes, The

Killers from Space

Killing Affair, A

Killing Kind, The

Kilma Queen of the Amazons

King Kelly of the U.S.A.

King of Kings

King of the Kongo, The

King of the Wild

King of the Wild Horses, The

King of the Zombies

King Solomon's Mines

Kingfisher Caper, The


Kiss and Kill

Kiss Me, Baby

Kiss, The

Kitty Kartoons

Klondike Annie

Knife in the Water

Knight Duty

Knockout, The

Know Your Enemy

Ko-Ko Song Car-Tune

Koko the Kop

Koko: Cleaned Out

Koko: Earth Control/Bimbo

Koko: Fortune Teller

Koko: On the Scent

Koko's Earth Control

Kong Island

Krimhild's Revenge


Kung-Fu of Eight Drunkards


L.A. Times Ad

Ladies Crave Excitement

Lady Asks for Help, The

Lady Chatterly's Lover

Lady Craved Excitement, The

Lady Frankenstein

Lady in Distress

Lady Mislaid, A

Lady of Burlesque

Lady of the Lake

Lady Play Your Mandolin

Lady Refuses, The

Lady Says No, The

Lady Vanishes, The

Lady Windermere's Fan


Lamb, The

Las Vegas Serial Killer, The

Lash of the Penitentes, The

Last Chance, The

Last Frontier, The

Last Gentleman, The

Last Man on Earth, The

Last Mile, The

Last of the Mohicans, The

Last of the Vikings

Last Reunion, The

Last Song, The

Last Time I Saw Paris, The

Last Woman on Earth

Last Year at Marienbad


Laugh Clown Laugh

Laughing at Life

Laughing Gas

Law of the Jungle

Law of the Sea

Law of the Wild, The


Lawless Frontier, The

Lawless Range

Lay That Rifle Down

Laying in State

Le Million

Le Plaisir

Le Voyage Imaginair

Leading Lizzie Astray

Leap from the Water Tower, The

Legend of Bigfoot, The

Legend of Black Thunder Mountain, The

Legend of Rudolf Valentino

Legend of Valentino, The

Legend of Wolf Woman

Legion of Missing Men, The

Legong: Dance of the Virgins

Lem Putt, the Specialist

Lend Me Your Husband

Leopard Woman, The

Les Miserables

Leson in Love, A

Let Me Love You

Lethal Betrayal

Let's Get Tough

Let's Go

Let's Go Collegiate

Let's Go Stepping

Letter of Introduction

Letters from my Windmill

Letters from Three Lovers

Lew Lehr's Dribble-Puss Parade

Liane, Jungle Godess

Life and Loves of Mozart, The

Life of Oharu

Life of Our Savior, The

Life with Father

Lighthouse Keeper

Lightning Bryce

Lightning Carson Rides Again

Lightning Range

Lightning Warrior, The

Li'l Abner

Li'l Scratch

Lilac Time

Lili's Wedding Night

Lion & the Souse

Lion of Thebes, The

Lion's Whiskers

Listen Lena

Little Annie Rooney

Little Ballerina, The

Little Brown Burro

Little Ladies of the Night

Little Lord Fauntleroy

Little Lulu in Bored of Education

Little Men

Little Pal

Little Princess, The

Little Red Robin Hood

Little Red School House, The

Little Shop of Horrors, The

Little Tough Guy

Little World of Don Camillo, The

Littlest Angel, The

Living Coffin, The

Living Head, The

Lizzies of the Field

Local Badman, The

Local Color

Lodger, The


Lola Montes

London Melody

Lone Dale Operator

Lone Ranger, The

Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, The

Lonely Sex, The

Lonely Wives

Long Hair of Death, The

Long Hose

Long John Silver

Long Live the King

Long Night of 1943, The

Long Shot

Looking for Sally

Looking for Trouble

Looney Toons: Hold Anything

Loophole, The

Lost City, The

Lost Express, The

Lost Honeymoon

Lost Horizon

Lost in a Turkish Bath

Lost in the Stratosphere

Lost Jungle, The

Lost World, The

Lost Zeppelin, The

Lost, Lonely and Vicious

Love Affair

Love and Hisses

Love and Onions

Love Camp 7

Love Cult, The

Love Factor, The

Love Flower, The

Love Games

Love in High Gear

Love Laughs at Andy Hardy

Love Merry-Go-Round

Love Moods

Love Nest on Wheels

Love Nest, The

Love of Sunya, The

Love on a Ladder

Love on the Dole

Love Your Neighbor

Love, Loot and Crash

Love, Speed and Thrills

Lover, The

Loyola, The Sodier Saint

Lucky Dog

Lucky Leap, A

Lucky Luke- Daisytown

Lucky Stars

Lucky Texan

Lure of the Islands

Lure of the Sila

Mabel and Fatty Viewing the World's Fair

Mabel and Fatty's Married Life

Mabel and Fatty's Wash Day

Mabel Lost and Won

Mabel, Fatty and the Law

Mabel's Blunder

Mabel's Busy Day

Mabel's Married Life

Mabel's New Hero

Mabel's Strange Predicament

Mabel's Wilful Way

Machine Gun Mama

Mad About Money

Mad About Moonshine

Mad Lover

Mad Monster, The

Mad Wednesday

Mad Whirl, The

Mad Youth

Madame De Sade

Madame Gambles, The

Made for Each Other

Made for Love

Mademoiselle Striptease

Madigan's Millions

Magic Boots

Magic Cloak of Oz, The

Magic Garden, The

Magic Voyage of Sinbad, The

Magician, The

Magnificent Roughnecks

Maid in Morocco

Maid Trouble

Mail Pilot, The

Major Difficulties

Make a Million

Make a Wish

Making a Living

Making of Broncho Billy, The

Male and Female

Malice in the Palace


Man About the House, A

Man About Town

Man from Beyond, The

Man from Headquarters, The

Man from Hell's Edges, The

Man from Music Mountain

Man from Texas, The

Man from the Painted Post

Man from Utah, The

Man in the Raincoat, The

Man of the Forest

Man of the Frontier

Man on the Eiffel Tower

Man Who Knew Too Much, The

Man Who Lived Again, The

Man Who Wagged His Tail, The

Man Who Walked Alone, The

Man with the Golden Arm, The

Man with the Twisted Lip, The

Man with Two Lives

Mandarin Mixup, A

Mandarin Mystery, The

Manhattan Madness

Manhattan Merry-Go-Round

Manhunt in the Jungle





Manipulator, The


Man's Way with Women

Manster, The

Manxman, The

Marie Galante

Marie of the Isles


Marines Are Coming, The

Mark of the Hawk, The

Mark of Zorro, The

Mark, I Love You

Marriage Circle, The

Married Woman, The


Marshal of Madrid

Martin Luther, His Life and Times

Masculine Feminine

Masquerader, The

Master of the Flying Guillotine

Master of the House


Matrimaniac, The

Matrimony's Speed Limit

Matter of Who, A





Meateater, The

Medicine Man, The


Meet Dr. Christian

Meet John Doe

Melodies That Linger

Melody for Three

Melody Master, The

Memphis Belle Fight for the Sky

Memphis Belle; Divide and Conquer

Men of Ireland

Mercenary, The

Merchant of Menace, A

Mercy Plane

Merry Maids of the Gay Way

Mesa of Lost Women

Message to My Daughter

Messenger of the Blessed Virgin, The


Mice in Council

Michael Strogoff

Michelette Vitaphone


Mickey Mouse: Dizzy Pilot

Mickey Mouse: Dog Catcher

Mickey Mouse: Mad Dog

Mickey Mouse: Musical Farmer

Mickey the Great

Mickey/Pearle # 9

Mickey's Grand Opera


Midnight Faces

Midnight Frolics

Midnight Girl, The

Mighty Like a Moose

Mighty Mouse in Wolf! Wolf!

Mike & Meyer

Milky Way, The

Mill on the Floss, The


Million Dollar Kid

Million Dollar Madness

Million Dollar Mystery, The

Million to One, A

Mine to Love


Miracle Man

Miracle of Marcelino, The

Miracle of the Bells, The

Miracle Rider, The

Misbehaving Husbands

Misfit, The

Miss Fatty's Seaside Lovers

Miss Polly

Miss Tatlock's Millions

Miss They Missed, The

Miss V From Moscow

Missing Corpse, The

Mission Monte Carlo

Missouri Traveler, The

Mistaken Identity


Mitt the Prince

Mixed Magic

Mlle. Irene the Great

Mob War



Mole Men Against the Son of Hercules

Molly and Lawless John

Mondo Cane

Mondo Pazzo

Money Lender, The/A Guest for the Gallows

Money Mad

Money Means Nothing

Money on Your Life

Monk, The

Monkey Business Special

Monkey Shines

Monkey's Mask


Monsieur Vincent


Monster frm a Prehistoric Planet

Monster from Green Hell

Monster Maker, The

Monster Walks, The

Monte Carlo Nights

Moon and Sixpence, The

Moon Over Harlem


Moonraker, The


Morman Maid, A

Most Dangerous Game, The


Mothering Heart, The

Mother-In-Law's Day

Motorcycle Hero

Moulin Rouge

Mouse's Bride

Movie Struck

Mozart's Story, The

Mr. Arkadine

Mr. Boggs Steps Out

Mr. Hulot's Holiday

Mr. Kingstreet's War

Mr. Moto's Last Warning

Mr. Nobody Holme

Mr. Robinson Crusoe

Mr. Scarface

Mr. Widget

Mr. Wise Guy

Mr. Wong Detective

Mr. Wong in Chinatown

Mr. Wu

Mrs. vs. Mistress


Murder in Music City

Murder on Flight 502

Murder with Music

Music Melodies on Parade

Musical Tramp

Musketeers of Pig Alley, The


Mutiny in the County

My Boy

My Dear Secretary

My Dog Shep

My Favorite Brunette

My Lady of Whims

My Life Partner

My Love for Yours

My Man Godfrey

My Outlaw Brother

My Pal Trigger

My Uncle

My Wife's Relations

My Wild Irish Rose

Mysterious Mr. Wong

Mystery Liner

Mystery Mountain

Mystery of Mr. Wong

Mystery of the Double Cross

Mystery of the Leaping Fish, The

Mystery of Womanhood

Mystery Plane

Mystery Squadron, The