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7th Heaven/Office 444

A Cry from the Streets

ABC's of Love, The


Abdulla the Great

Abe Lincoln of Ninth Avenue, The

Abilene Town

Abraham Lincoln


Ace Drummond

Aces and Eights

Across the Plains

Action Antics

Action for Slander

Adam Raises Cain

Admiral Was a Lady, The

Adorable Cheat, The

Adventure Island

Adventurer, The

Adventures of Adenoid

Adventures of Chico

Adventures of Christine, The

Adventures of Frank Merriwell, The

Adventures of Judy Shanan

Adventures of Rex and Rinty, The

Adventures of Smilin' Jack, The

Adventures of Tartu, The

Adventures of Tarzan, The

Adventures of the Flying Cadets

Adventures of the Masked Phantom, The

Aesop's Fables: Horses, Horses, Horses

Aesop's: Fables: Big Flood/Magic Hat

Aesop's: Fables: Cat & Magnet

Aesop's: Fables: Fly Time/Enchanted Flute

Aesop's: Fables: Human Fly

Affair, The

Affairs of Cappy Ricks, The

Affairs of Pierre, The

Africa Screams

After a Million

Against the Wind


Alaska Highway

Alaska Love

Alexander Nevsky

Alfredo, Alfredo


Alias Jimmy Valentine

Alibi Bye Bye

Alice & the Farm

Alice the Toreador

Alice, Sweet Alice

All American Girl

All American Woman

All Around Town

All For Love

All Night Long

All Over Town

All Tied Up

All Wet

All-American Co-Ed

Allez Oop

Alone Against Rome


Amazing Adventure,The

Amazing Mr. X, The

Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss, The

Ambrose's Fury

Ambrose's Lofty Perch

Ambrose's Nasty Temper

Ambrose's Sour Grapes


America Goes to War

American Aristocracy

American Empire

American in Portugal

American Pluck

Americano, The

America's Unpreparedness

Amphibian Man, The

An Arizona Wooing

An Innocent Love

An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge

An Old Spanish Custom

An Unseen Enemy


And Now the Screaming Starts

And So to Bed

And Then There Were None

Andre Featurette

Angel and the Badman

Angel in a Taxi

Angel On My Shoulder

Angry Breed, The

Animal Farm

Animal Kingdom, The

Animated Hare

Anna Chrisite

Anna Karenina



Any Day in Hollywood

Anything for a Thrill

Apache's Last Battle


Ape Man, The

Ape, The

Apple Blossom Time

April Fool

April Maze

Arizona Days

Arizona Kid, The


Art in the Raw

Artic Antics

Artist's Muddles

As Luck Would Have It

As You Like It

Assassin of Youth

Assault on Italy

Assignment Munich

Assignment: Outer Space

Astral Factor, The


At the Ringside

At War with the Army

Atlantic Flight

Atom Age Vampire

Atomic Brain, The

Atomic Man, The

Atrocities of the Orient

Attack Force Nam

Attack of the Giant Leeches, The

Attack: The Battle for New Britain

Avenger, The

Avenging Conscience, The (Thou Shalt Not Kill)

Babar Comes to America

Babar the Little Elephant

Baby and the Battleship, The

Baby Cat

Baby Face Morgan

Baby, The

Baby, The

Babylon Story, The

Back Door to Heaven

Backs Turned

Bad Girls Do Cry

Bad Medicine

Bad Men of Nevada

Badge of Honor

Bagdad After Midnight


Ballad of a Soldier

Ballad of Andy Crocker, The

Balloonatic, The

Bandits of Orgosolo

Bank, The

Barbarian, The

Barber Shop, The

Baring It All

Baron, The

Bashful Bachelor

Bashful Ballerina

Basketball Fix, The

Bat, The

Bath Tub Perils

Battle Beyond the Sun

Battle of Britain

Battle of Elderbush Gulch, The

Battle of Marathon, The

Battle of Midway

Battle of Neretva

Battle of Russia

Battle of San Pietro, The

Battle of the Bulge, The

Battle of the Commandos

Battle of the Worlds

Battle, The

Battleship Potemkin

Battling Bunyan

Battling Hoofers

Be Your Age

Beachcomber, The

Beachead and Breakthrough

Beast from Haunted Cave

Beast in the Cellar, The

Beast Must Die, The

Beast of Morocco

Beasts of Berlin

Beat the Devil

Beau Brummel

Becky Sharp

Bedroom Fantasy

Bedroom Frolics

Beggar Maid, The

Beggars in Ermine

Behave Yourself!

Behind the Screen

Bells of San Angelo

Bells of San Fernando

Bells, The

Beloved Rogue, The

Below the Deadline

Beneath the 12 Mile Reef

Bermuda Affair

Berth Quakes

Best of the Freddie King Blues Band, The

Best of the Leon Russell Festivals, The


Between Showers

Beware of Redheads

Beyond Obsession

Beyond the Caribbean

Beyond the Time Barrier

Beyond Tomorrow

B-Girl Rhapsody

Big Calibre

Big Cat, The

Big City Interlude

Big Lift, The

Big Meow, The

Big News

Big Shot, The

Big Show, The

Big Squeal, The

Big Timber

Big Trees, The

Big Wheel, The

Bigamist, The

Bill and Coo

Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid Returns

Billy the Kid Versus Dracula

Bio-Tech Warrior

Bird of Paradise

Birds of Prey

Birth of a Nation, The


Bitter Rice

Black Archer, The

Black Beauty

Black Coin, The

Black Cyclone

Black Fist

Black Gold

Black King, The

Black Pirate, The

Black Raven, The

Black Sabbath

Black Water Gold


Blacksmith, The

Blake of Scotland Yard

Blasphemer, The

Blind Husbands

Blonde in Blacksilk

Blonde Savage

Blonde's Revenge

Blondie's Big Deal

Blood and Black Lace

Blood and Sand

Blood for a Silver Dollar

Blood of Jesus, The

Blood of the Beasts

Blood on the Sun

Blood Orgy

Blood Sabbath

Blood Suckers



Bloody Birthday

Bloody Pit of Horror

Bloody Wednesday

Blot, The

Blow-Ups of 1941

Blow-Ups of 1946

Blow-Ups of 1947

Blue Angel, The

Blue Blazes

Blue Blazes Rawden

Blue Light, The

Blue Murder at St. Trinians

Blue of the Night

Blue Steel

Blue Summer

Bluffers, The

Blum Affair, The

Boat, The

Bob Burns' Cartoon

Bobby Bumps Gets a Substitute

Bobby Bumps Puts a Beanery on the Bum

Bob's Electric Theater

Body Snatcher from Hell

Bonanza- #128

Bonanza- #209

Bonanza- #216

Bonanza- #218

Bonanza- Blood on the Land

Bonanza- Bloodline

Bonanza- Dark Star

Bonanza- Denver McKee

Bonanza- Desert Justice

Bonanza- Escape to the Ponderosa

Bonanza- Feet of Clay

Bonanza- Gunmen

Bonanza- Showdown

Bonanza- Silent Thunder

Bonanza- The Abduction

Bonanza- The Ape

Bonanza- The Avenger

Bonanza- The Fear Merchants

Bonanza- The Hopefuls

Bonanza- The Mill

Bonanza- The Savage

Bonanza- The Stranger

Bonanza- The Trail Gang

Bond Street

Bond, The

Bonnie Prince Charlie

Boom in the Moon

Boot Hill

Boothill Bandits

Boots and Saddles

Border Cop

Border Phantom

Born to Be Wild

Born to Fight

Born to Win

Borrowers, The

Bosko and the Cannibals

Bosko and the Pirates

Bosko at the Beach

Bosko's Easter Eggs

Bosko's Party

Boss Foreman

Boudo Savre Des Eaux

Bounty Killer, The

Bowery at Midnight

Bowery Blitzkrieg

Boy and His Dog, A

Boy in the Plastic Bubble, The

Boy of the Streets

Boy Who Loved Horses, The

Boy with Green Hair, The

Boy, a Girl and a Dog, A

Boys from Brooklyn, The

Boys of the City

Boy's Reformatory

Brain that Wouldn't Die, The

Brain, The

Brand of the Devil

Brave Chimp, The


Bread, Love and Dreams

Break in the Circle

Breakfast in Hollywood


Breezing Along

Brian's Song

Bridal Bail

Bride and the Beast, The

Bride for Henry, A

Bride of the Gorilla

Bride of the Monster

Bring 'Em Back Sober

Bring Me the Vampire

Brink of Life

British Intelligence

Broadway Damage

Broadway Drifter, The

Broadway Limited

Broken Blossoms

Broken Dreams

Broken Hearts of Broadway

Broken Law, The

Broken Strings

Bromo and Juliet

Broncho Billy's Capture

Bronze Buckaroo, The


Buck Fever

Buck Rogers

Bucket of Blood, A

Buffalo Bill in Tomahawk Territory

Bugs Bunny in Wackiki Wabbit

Bulldog Courage

Bulldog Drummond Comes Back

Bulldog Drummond Escapes

Bulldog Drummond's Bride

Bulldog Drummond's Peril

Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police

Bulldog Edition

Bumping Into Broadway

Burglar's Dilemma, The

Buried Alive

Burlesque in Harlem

Burlesque in Hawaii

Burlesque on Carmen, A

Burn-'Em Up Barnes

Burning Rage

Bush Pilot

Busher, The

Bushwhackers, The

Buster Keaton for "Simon Pure Beer"

Busy Bus/Dizzy Pilot

Busy Day, A

Butler's Dilemma, The


By Appointment Only

By the Sea

Bye, Bye Baby

Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The


Call it Murder

Call of the Forest

Call of the Wild

Call of the Wilderness, The

Campaign, The

Campus Carmen, The

Campus Knights

Can Be Done...Amigo

Can Can Follies

Cannonball, The

Capital Punishment

Captain Blackjack

Captain Kidd

Captain Kidder

Captain of Koepenick, The

Captain Scarlett

Captive Heart, The

Capture, The

Caretaker's Daughter, The


Carnival of Souls

Carnival Story

Caroline and the Rebels

Carry on Nurse

Carson City Kid, The

Cartoon Classics: Casper

Cartoon Classics: Cinderella

Cartoon Classics: Crusader Rabbit and Goofy Gopher

Cartoon Classics: Little Lulu

Cartoon Classics: Old Mc Donald's Farm

Cartoon Classics: Popeye

Cartoon Classics: Popeye

Cartoon Classics: Porky Pig

Cartoon Memories #4

Cartoon Memories #9

Cartoon Parade #3

Cartoon Parade #4

Cartoons (Duck or Not)

Cartoons, Vol. 1

Cartoons, Vol. 1 (Superman)

Cartoons, Vol. 10

Cartoons, Vol. 11

Cartoons, Vol. 12

Cartoons, Vol. 14

Cartoons, Vol. 15

Cartoons, Vol. 16

Cartoons, Vol. 2 (Spanish)

Cartoons, Vol. 2 (Superman)

Cartoons, Vol. 20

Cartoons, Vol. 21

Cartoons, Vol. 22

Cartoons, Vol. 23

Cartoons, Vol. 24

Cartoons, Vol. 25

Cartoons, Vol. 27

Cartoons, Vol. 28

Cartoons, Vol. 29

Cartoons, Vol. 3

Cartoons, Vol. 3 (Spanish)

Cartoons, Vol. 30

Cartoons, Vol. 31 - Porky

Cartoons, Vol. 4

Cartoons, Vol. 5

Cartoons, Vol. 6

Cartoons, Vol. 6 (Popeye)

Cartoons, Vol. 7

Cartoons, Vol. 7 (Popeye)

Cartoons, Vol. 7 (Spanish)

Cartoons, Vol. 8


Cas Du Dr. Laurent, Le

Casablanca Express

Casablanca Express

Case of the Mukkinese Battlehorn, The

Casper the Friendly Ghost

Cast a Dark Shadow

Cat and the Canary, The

Cat and the Magnet, The

Catherine the Great


Cat's Life, A

Caught in a Cabaret

Caught in the Rain (In the Park)

Cause for Alarm

Chained for Life

Challenge, The

Challenge, The

Chamber of Horrors

Champ of the Champs-Elysees


Champion Partial

Champion, The

Chandu on the Magic Island

Channel Swimmer, The




Charley's Aunt

Charlie Chaplin, Vol. 1

Charlie Chaplin, Vol. 10

Charlie Chaplin, Vol. 12

Charlie Chaplin, Vol. 13

Charlie Chaplin, Vol. 14

Charlie Chaplin, Vol. 15

Charlie Chaplin, Vol. 16

Charlie Chaplin, Vol. 17

Charlie Chaplin, Vol. 18

Charlie Chaplin, Vol. 19

Charlie Chaplin, Vol. 2

Charlie Chaplin, Vol. 20

Charlie Chaplin, Vol. 21

Charlie Chaplin, Vol. 3

Charlie Chaplin, Vol. 4

Charlie Chaplin, Vol. 5

Charlie Chaplin, Vol. 6

Charlie Chaplin, Vol. 7

Charlie Chaplin, Vol. 8

Charlie Chaplin, Vol. 9

Charlie Comes Calling

Chase, The

Chasing Rainbows

Cheat, The

Check and Double Check

Cheers for Miss Bishop

Chef, The

Chemist, The

Chemistry Lesson

Chess Fever

Cheyenne Rides Again

Chicken Feed

Child Bride

Child of the Prarie

Children of the Wild

Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things

China 9, Liberty 37

China Doll


Chloe: Love is Calling You

Choke Canyon

Chop Suey Louie

Choppers, The

Christmas Carol, A

Christmas Evil

Christmas Without Snow, A

Cinema Director, The

Cinema History

Circus Today

Cisco Kid, The, Vol. 49, 50


Clancy Street Boys

Classic Cartoons, Vol. 1

Classic Cartoons, Vol. 2

Classic Cartoons, Vol. 3

Clean Sweep, A

Clever Dummy, A

Clever Rascal, The

Clipped Wings

Clodhopper, The

Closer Than a Brother

Clown's Little Brother, The

Clutching Hand, The

Coast of Skeletons

Coast Patrol, The

Coast to Coast

Coat Tales


Cocaine Fiends, The

Code of Scotland Yard


College Kiddo, The

Colonel Bleep (1-10)

Colonel Bleep (11-20)

Colonel Bleep (18-21, 1-6)

Colonel Bleep (18-22) (1-5)

Colonel Bleep (21-23)

Colonel Bleep (7-17)

Colonel Bleep (8-17)

Colonel Effingham's Raid

Color Me Dead

Colorado Serenade

Colored Villainy

Colossus and the Amazon Queen

Colossus of the Arena


Coming of Amos, The


Condemned to Live

Conductor 1492

Coney Island

Confessions of a Vice Baron

Confessions of a Young American Housewife

Congratulations: It's a Boy

Congress Dances, The

Contender, The

Contest Crazy


Cookin' Up Trouble

Copper Beeches, The


Cord and Dischords

Corner in Wheat, A

Corny Concerto

Corpse Vanishes, The


Corridor of Mirrors

Cosmic Monster, The

Cosmos: War of the Planets

Cotton Queen

Count Dracula's Great Love

Count of Monte Cristo, The

Count, The


Country Gentlemen

Courageous Dr. Christian, The

Courageous Mr. Penn

Court House Crooks

Court Plaster

Courtneys of Curzon Street, The

Covered Schooner, The

Coward, The


Cracked Ice

Cracker Jack, The

Cradle Will Fall


Crash of the Moons

Crater Lake Monster


Crazy Cat-House

Crazy for Love

Crazy Like a Fox

Creature from the Haunted Sea, The

Creature of Destruction

Creature's Revenge, The

Cricket Combo

Crime Rave

Crimes of Stephen Hawke, The

Crimson Romance

Crooner's Holiday

Crossed Signals

Cross-Eyed Love

Crossing the Rhine

Cruel, Cruel Love

Crusade in the Pacific #1, 2

Crusade in the Pacific #11, 12

Crusade in the Pacific #13, 14

Crusade in the Pacific #15, 16

Crusade in the Pacific #17, 18

Crusade in the Pacific #19, 20

Crusade in the Pacific #21, 22

Crusade in the Pacific #23, 24

Crusade in the Pacific #3, 4

Crusade in the Pacific #5, 6

Crusade in the Pacific #7, 8

Crusade in the Pacific #9, 10

Cry of the Innocent

Cry Panic

Crypt of the Living Dead

Cuba Crossing

Cure, The


Curse of the Doll People, The

Curse of the Swamp Creature

Cursed Medallion, The

Custer's Last Stand

Cyclone Cavalier, The

Cyrano de Bergerac

D. O. A.

D. W. Griffith's Films

Dagora, the Space Monster

Damaged Goods

Damaged Lives


Dancing Man

Danger Ahead

Danger Lights

Dangerous Age, A

Dangerous Appointment

Dangerous Holiday

Dangerous Hours

Dangerous Passage

Dangerous Traffic

Daniel Boone

Daniel Boone, Trail Blazer

Danish "G" Blue

Danish and Blue

Danny Boy

Daredevil, The

Dark Journey

Dark Mission

Darker Than Amber

David and Goliath

David Copperfield

David Essex- All the Fun of the Fair


Dawn Rider, The

Day at the Park, A

Day Dreams

Day of the Animals

Day of the Wolves

Day of Wrath

Day the Earth Froze, The

Day Will Dawn, The


Days of Jesse James

Dayton's Devils

Dead Men Walk

Deadly Harvest

Deadly Hunt

Deadly Trap

Dear Ol' Pal

Dear! Deer!

Death at Love House

Death Cruise

Death Curse of Tartu

Death of Richie

Death Rage

Death Rides a Horse

Death Rides the Plains

Death Row

Death Screams

Death Sentence

Death Squad

Death's Marathon

Decameron Nights

December 7th

Dedee D'Anvers

Defense of Antwerp Against the V-1, The

Defilers, The

Delightfully Dangerous

Dementia 13

Demi-Paradise, The

Dental Follies

Dentist, The

Desert Blues/Cameo

Desert Trail, The

Desert Warrior, The

Deserter, The

Desire Under the Sun

Destination Nightmare


Destroy All Planets


Detour to Danger

Detroit 9000


Devil Bat

Devil Girl from Mars

Devil in Silk

Devil in the Flesh

Devil Monster

Devil on Horseback

Devil on Wheels, The

Devil's Cavaliers

Devil's Daughter, The

Devil's Hand, The

Devil's Island

Devil's Joint, The

Devil's Partner

Devil's Party

Devil's Sleep, The

Devil's Wanton, The

Diabolical Dr. Z, The


Diamond Thieves

Diary of a Lost Girl

Dick Barton Strikes Back

Dick Barton, Special Agent

Dick Tracy

Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome

Dick Tracy vs. Cue Ball

Dick Tracy, Vol. 10-12

Dick Tracy, Vol. 13-15

Dick Tracy, Vol. 1-4

Dick Tracy, Vol. 5-9

Dick Tracy's Dilemma

Ding Dong

Dinner at the Ritz

Dinosaur and the Missing Link, The

Diplomatic Passport

Dirty Gertie from Harlem U.S.A.

Dirty War

Disciple, The


Dishonored Lady

Disorder in the Court


Divorce His- Divorce Hers

Divorce of Lady X, The

Divorce Sweets

Dizzy Heights and Daring Hearts

Django Shoots First

Do or Diet

Do You Want to Dance with Me?


Doctor Jim

Doctor of Doom

Dog Blight

Dog Days

Dog Eat Dog


Doggone Mixup, A

Dog's Life, A

Doll Face

Doll That Took the Town, The

Dome Doctor, The

Don Q, Son of Zorro

Don Quixote

Don Winslow of the Navy

Donald Duck's Spanish Serenade

Donald Gets Ducked

Don't Be Nervous

Don't Park There!

Don't Shove

Dora's Dunking Donuts

Double Deal

Double Nickles

Double Trouble

Doubling in the Quickies

Dough and Dynamite

Doughboy, The

Doughnuts and Society

Down Among the Z Men

Down the Ribber

Down to Earth

Dr. Cadman's Secret

Dr. Christian Meets the Women

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Dr. Kildare's Strange Case

Dr. Mabuse the Gambler

Dr. Mabuse: Inferno

Dr. Orloff's Monster

Dr. Syn

Dream Follies

Dream of Rarebit/Red Hot Sands

Dream Street

Dream Stuff

Dreaming Lips

Dreaming Out Loud

Dreams of Laura

Dressed to Kill: Sherlock Holmes

Dressmaker, The

Drifter, The

Drop Kick, The

Drop Out Wife, The

Druggist's Dilemma, The

Drum Taps

Drums in the Deep South

Drums of Jeopardy, The

Drums of the Desert

Dude Bandit, The

Duke Comes Back, The

Dumb Dicks

Dumb Luck

Dumb's the Word