Poster Boy (2005)
Not Rated
Running Time: 98min


Poster Boy(2005) Henry Cray is a young gay man who's gone away to college and is enjoying the liberty of coming out, away from his family. The problem is that the boy's father is a powerful, conservative U.S. Senator and around campus the son's homosexuality is a bit of an open secret. Enter 28 year-old gay activist Anthony looking to party, who quickly meets several guys willing to show him a good time - including Henry. Unaware of Henry's identity Anthony hooks up with him and spends a fun evening in the school's darkened gymnasium. In the morning, Anthony finds out Henry's full identity. Looking for any chance to take a shot at the conservative government that he detests, Anthony decides to take this opportunity for political action. But he finds himself beginning to care very deeply for Henry and he must decide if he can use someone he cares for in this way.



Karen Allen
Michael Lerner
Matt Newton
Jack Noseworthy
Valerie Geffner


Zak Tucker


Ryan Shiraki
Lecia Rosenthal


Jeff Campagna
Dolly Hall
Rebecca Chaiklin
Stanley Buchthal


Mark Garcia