Gay Comedy
Fat Girls (2007)
Rated R
Running Time: 82min


Fat Girls(2007) Armed with biting humor and quirky sensibility, Rodney and his Rubenesque friend Sabrina are valiantly suffering through the indignity known as high school. Both are outcasts; he's gay and she's overweight. Trapped in a small Texas town and having come to accept his "fat girl" within, Rodney is an aspiring Broadway star who musters up the energy to confront his fears and take life - and the hot new student from England - by the horns. With Rodney's awkward experiences, off-beat attitude and strange evangelical family, "Fat Girls" is a hilarious rollercoaster ride that careens to an outrageous climax. This auspicious debut announces the arrival of filmmaker and star Ash Christian as a major new talent.



Ash Christian
Ashley Fink
Jonathan Caouette
Robin de Jesus
Ellen Albertini Dow


Ash Christian


Ash Christian


Kim Fishman
Ash Christian
Kelli Lerner
Michele Levy (Exec)
Howard P. Cohen (Exec)
Friley Davidson (Exec)
Anita Colin (Exec)
Chris DeCamp (Exec)


Chris Gubish