Deep Freeze (2002)
Rated R
Running Time: 80min


Deep Freeze(2002) A scientific expedition to the frozen wastes of the Antarctic promises riches for Geotek, a leading oil exploration company. Professor Jacobson and his crew of students arrive in a subterranean, Antarctic encampment to conduct a routine research survey. Soon they learn that what appears to be a normal high-tech lab actually houses something dangerous and mysterious. Team leader Monica uncovers the remains of a prehistoric creature. Realizing the value of this find, she and Jacobson have it transported to Geotek's lab in America for further research. One of the prehistoric creatures has come back to life. With a serpentine body, this vampire-like creature thrives on human blood, and its target is everyone in the Geotek lab.



Goetz Otto
David Millbern
Alexandra Kamp
Howard Halcomb
Karen Nieci
Allen Lee Haff


John Carl Buechler


Robert Boris
Dennis A. Pratt
Matthew Jason Walsh


John Carl Buechler


Ken Williams