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The Paradise Virus (2004)
Not Rated
Running Time: 87min


The Paradise Virus(2004) Barsarato Island is a sun-splashed spit of sand in the Caribbean, the perfect winter vacation for Doctor Linda Flemming, and her 18 year-old son, William. When a local man named Poppy suddenly collapses in front of their Jeep. Linda, a virogist specializing in infectious diseases, sees that the choking, gasping Poppy has contagious viral lesions. At that moment, Joseph, the charismatic leader of a local religious group called The Faithful, strides into the scene and takes the ailing Poppy away, despite Linda's warnings. With whatever disease Poppy has now spreading rapidly, Linda quickly alerts the Center of Desease Control in Atlanta. For Linda, the struggle becomes deeply personal as William and Kathy become infected. It is up to Linda to find a cure quickly and the only man with the cure is Joseph as his blood possesses the antibodies needed t defeat this virus. With seconds to spare, will Linda be able to extract the antibody, contain the virus and save all those infected, including Kathy and William?



Lorenzo Lamas
Melody Thomas Scott
David Millbern
Ralf Moeller
Kristin Swieconek


Brian Trenchard-Smith


Peter Layton


Sylvia Gasper LLM
Brian Trenchard-Smith
Stephen P. Jarchow (Exec)
Paul Colichman (Exec)
Andreas Hess (Exec)


David Reynolds