Gay Mystery/Thriller
Urbania (2000)
Rated R
Running Time: 105min


Urbania(2000) A darkly humorous portrait of urban legends and one man's plunge into mania. Charlie is a tormented young gay man who has recently become romantically unattached. Unable to reconcile himself with the loss of his long-time companion, Charlie decides to live on the edge. One night as he aimlessly wanders the dark streets of downtown Manhattan, Charlie locks gaze with a mysterious stranger. This chance encounter marks the beginning of a nightmarish quest as he haunts the city nightly in an increasingly desperate attempt to find him. A provocative, sexually charged noir that probes the powerful and transcendent nature of love.



Dan Futterman
Alan Cumming
Matt Keeslar
Samuel Ball
Lothaire Bluteau


Jon Shear


Jon Shear
Daniel Reitz


Stephanie Golden
J. Todd Harris
Jon Shear


Marc Anthony Thompson