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Gay Thriller
The Invisible Chronicles (2008)
Rated R
Running Time: 86min


The Invisible Chronicles(2008) A brilliant young college student goes to his psychologist with a strange and frightening tale. A few days earlier,he made an incredible breakthrough with his experiments involving invisibility. Not content to experiment on inanimate objects, he injected his invisibility serum into himself. At first, he reveled in achieving his life-long dream of becoming invisible ... but once he realized that the effects were permanent, his harmless excursions into eavesdropping and voyeurism turned murderous. Now, his enemies will suffer and even his friends are no longer safe as he hunts them down, one by one, within the confines of the deserted university campus.



Trevor Duke
Kyle Leatherberry
Jocelyn Gauthier
Bryan Lillis
Chaz Wood


David DeCoteau


Moses Rutegar


Paul Colichman
Stephen P. Jarchow
John Schouweiler


Jojo Draven