Gay Comedy
The Trip (2002)
Rated R
Running Time: 95min


The Trip(2002) Romance, politics, sex and humor all collide during two men's 11-year journey of passion, self-discovery and adventure. Tommy is a sexy, blonde gay activist who meets the handsome, muscular Alan, a closeted Republican, at a swinging party in 1973. An intense love affair begins, setting in motion a torrid and unpredictable relationship that steers its way through the turbulent political climate of the 70's and 80's. With an awesome soundtrack of the biggest hits from the time period, side splitting and touching moments along the way and a zany supporting cast, THE TRIP is one excursion that shouldn't be missed. On the road, anything can happen. And in this ambitious, enormously entertaining gay epic, it does! One of the most celebrated gay films of 2002 with over 14 film festival awards.



Steve Braun
Larry Sullivan
Sirena Irwin
Alexis Arquette
Ray Baker


Miles Swain


Miles Swain


Houstin King


Steven Chesne