Gay Comedy
Straight-Jacket (2004)
Not Rated
Running Time: 96min


Straight-Jacket(2004) Hunky screen idol Guy Stone is the dreamboat of every woman in America and the secret lover of every hot stud in Hollywood. A rock-solid manly man with the slightest little wiggle in his walk, Guy is the top choice for the lead in Ben Hur. But when a few homo-criminating photos pop up, the studio arranges an instant marriage of convenience to starry-eyed secretary Sally. Guy's life snowballs into a side-splitting struggle to keep his pink streak from his clueless bride and stay on top of the Hollywood A-list. Enter eye-catching leftist-agitator Rick, a novelist turned screenwriter and, well... Ben Hur-Ben-shmur. For the first time ever, Guy actually falls in love with the guy. Writer/director Richard Day pokes gleeful fun at McCarthy-era Red-baiting and the hypocrisy of the celluloid closet. With a cheeky Technicolor production design and outrageously hilarious supporting performances by Carrie Preston, Jack Plotnick and Veronica Cartwright, Straight-Jacket keeps the laughs firing at such a rapid pace, you may be taken aback when it actually steals your heart.



Matt Letscher
Carrie Preston
Adam Greer
Veronica Cartwright
Victor Raider-Wexler


Richard Day


Richard Day


Michael Warwick


Steve Edwards