Maze (2000)
Rated R
Running Time: 97min


Maze(2000) Lyle Maze is a sensitive and charming sculptor who has Tourette's Syndrome. Isolated by his own fear, and other people's misconceptions about his condition, he is convinced that he'll never find true love. In fact, Lyle feels comfortable only when he's with his best friend Mike, or Mike's girlfriend Callie. When Mike accepts a medical assignment in Africa, Callie gives him a choice: She will end their four-year relationship if he leaves again. Unaware that Callie is pregnant with their child, Mike decides to leave. She resolves to raise the baby on her own, turning to Lyle for support. Their friendship evolves into romance. When Mike returns home seven months later, Callie must choose between the two men in her life, complicated by the existence of her newborn son. Ultimately, all three must resolve complex issues of love, friendship, and loyalty.



Rob Morrow
Craig Sheffer
Laura Linney
Gia Carides
Robert Hogan


Rob Morrow


Rob Morrow
Nicole Burdette
Bradley White


Paul Colichman
Mark R. Harris
Stephen P. Jarchow
Rob Morrow


Bobby Previte