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Just Can't Get Enough:<br />The Chippendale's Story (2000)
Not Rated
Running Time: 95min


Just Can't Get Enough: The Chippendale's Story(2000) Spanning the decadent techno-dance era of the 80's, a sexy drama that chronicles the rise and fall of the legendary Chippendales nightclub. After a casting session for prospective male dancers, handsome Chad Patterson impresses nightclub owner Steve Banerjee and becomes the club's host. After Banerjee hires choreographer Nick Denoia, Chippendales becomes a sensation. However, success comes at a high price, involving sex, drugs and money. When DeNoia produces a successful touring revue using the Chippendales name, Banerjee plots to kill him. In the end, lust and greed lead to murder and suicide, and no one is left unscathed. An intriguing look at the excess of the 80's, exposing the bizarre truth about Chippendales and the end of an era.



Jonathan Aube
Shelley Malil
J.P. Pitoc
Peter Nevargic
Kevin Daley


David Payne


David Payne


Sam Irvin


Roger Neill