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Gay Drama
Just Say Love (2010)
Not Rated
Running Time: 75min


Just Say Love(2010) A stage play adapted into a feature-length film that explores whether physical attractions appear to be the obvious explanation for two people to become a pair. But are they really the reflection of something sublime, everlasting or dare we say, spiritual? Do relationships start in the bedroom or in the heart? In this male love story, the bliss described by Joseph Campbell and sages throughout the millennia is a practical option for finding happiness. As the camera delves into the characters' minds and actions, we find fulfillment on both a physical and spiritual level.



Matthew Jaeger
Robert Mammana


Bull Humphreys


Bill Humphreys
David J. Mauriello


Bill Humphreys
David J. Mauriello (Exec)
Kirkland Tibbels (Exec)


Hans Indigo Spencer