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I'll Remember April (1999)
Not Rated
Running Time: 91min


I'll Remember April(1999) Following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, a Japanese submarine off the coast of Northern California leaves Matsuo, a young sailor, stranded on shore. Four ten year old boys discover Matsuo and take him prisoner, hoping to become local heroes. But after Matsuo rescues one of the boys from drowning, they stop seeing him as the enemy. They decide to help him escape, and must face difficult issues of loyalty, friendship, and courage. Complex emotions arise in this coming-of-age story set at the height of World War II, an action filled and emotional journey of peril and self-discovery.



Trevor Morgan
Haley Joe Osment
Mark Harmon
Pam Dawber
Pat Morita


Bob Clark


Mark Sanderson


Paul Colichman
Mark R. Harris
Stephen P. Jarchow (Exec)
Beau Rogers (Exec)
David Forrest (Exec)


Paul J. Zaza