Gay Drama
Ciao (2008)
Rated R
Running Time: 87min


Ciao(2008) A man dies very unexpectedly and leaves behind two men: Jeff, his best friend and Andrea, an Italian he's been corresponding with online. Jeff informs Andrea of Mark's passing; Andrea writes back to express his shock and sympathies. On a whim, they continue their correspondence and a rapport grows between them. They eventually meet, where they extend their e-mail exchanges into more personal and intimate conversations. They talk about their respective countries, their jobs, their families, their lives. Mostly, they talk about Mark. What began as a tragedy that linked two strangers from different ends of the world becomes a deeply realized friendship that may change their lives forever.



Adam Neal Smith
Alessandro Calza
Charles W. Blaum
Ethel Lung


Yen Tan


Yen Tan


Jim McMahon
James M. Johnston (Co-Prod)
David Lowery (Co-Prod)


Stephan Altman