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Tornado Warning (2002)
Not Rated
Running Time: 90min


Tornado Warning(2002) umiliated by the public failure of his new tornado warning system, renowned scientist Jake Arledge (Gerald McRaney) teams up with former protégé Mark (Steve Braun) to fix his system and warn residents of a nearby small town about an impending deadly tornado. Jake is surprised when his estranged weather reporter daughter Dee (Thea Gill) appears to chronicle the success or failure of his predictions for television. Jake and Mark are alarmed when the town mayor (Joan Van Ark) insists on going forward with an outdoor celebration in honor of the town's birthday and disregards their prediction. Jake, Mark, and Dee must then work together to save the small town from certain destruction.



Gerald McRaney
Thea Gill
Steve Braun
David Millbern
Joan Van Ark


Tibor Takacs


Brett Thompson
Lisa Morton


Jack Clements
Paul Colichman (Exec)
Stephen P. Jarchow (Exec)
James Shavick (Exec)


Guy Zerafa