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Sweet Deception (1998)
Not Rated
Running Time: 92min


Sweet Deception(1998) Risa Stanton has it all. Married to handsome and successful businessman Fin Gallagher, she cares for, and loves, his daughter Anita. Risa lives a jet-set lifestyle most of us can only dream about. Her lifestyle comes crashing down around her, however, when she returns home from a dinner party and finds Fin dead. She finds herself arrested for his murder. The gun was hers, and an angry phone message helps to provide motive. Risa is sentenced to die. On her way to prison, Risa's prison bus is hijacked. Realizing this could be the only chance to find the real killer and clear her name, she flees. In disguise, she makes her way back to the city, where she finds Fin has been leading a double life. With the police in hot pursuit, she frantically must unravel her husband's secrets and learn the truth before it catches up with her.



Joanna Pacula
Rob Stewart
Kate Jackson
Jack Scalia
Joan Collins


Timothy Bond


Joelle Harris


James Shavick


Ken Williams