Killer Bees (2002)
Not Rated
Running Time: 92min


Killer Bees(2002) Surrounding a sleepy Northwestern town are hundreds of square miles of organically grown produce, acres of cornfields, and herds of prize cattle. Each year the farmers pay top dollar to roving beekeepers to pollinate nature's bounty. Among this year's batch of honeybees, however, is a gang of killers - killer bees that savagely attack all that move. The arrival of the bees first appears as a series of mysteries: prize cows killed in their barn, a farmer dead at the side of the road. For local Sheriff Lyndon Harris, there's no connection. That is until a local bee expert identifies the killers as African killer bees. For Lyndon, it's his worst nightmare come true: he is terrified of bees. The alarm is raised, but the town is skeptical - until a huge swarm descends on the town. When a group of townspeople, including his family, become trapped by the swarm, Lyndon must face his biggest fear to save them.



C. Thomas Howell
Fiona Loewi
Tracy Nelson


Penelope Buitenhuis


Dana Stone


Kirk Shaw
James Shavick


John Sereda
Mike Thomas