Glass Trap (2004)
Rated PG-13
Running Time: 91min


Glass Trap(2004) Curtis, a former car thief on parole, figured his first day as a janitor was going to be an easy one. After all, the Waldman building in downtown Los Angeles was pretty much empty on Saturdays, except for a few executives catching up on paperwork. Curtis doesn't know that a genetic experiment involving deadly fire ants has gone wrong, setting an army of huge killer ants loose in the high rise! Curtis finds others in the building - all of them trapped by the electronic doors. Their only hope for rescue lies with Dr. Trudeau, the scientist who originally created the mutant ants, and who now must figure out how to destroy them. Curtis and the small group must escape the giant insects and find a way out - or die trying!



C. Thomas Howell
Stella Stevens
Ana Alexander


Ed Raymond


Brent Thompson
Lisa Morton


Robert Snukal
Jeff Beach


Christopher Farrell