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The Brotherhood II: Young Warlocks (2001)
Not Rated
Running Time: 81min


The Brotherhood II(2001) What happens when you are promised everything... only for the price of your soul? At an exclusive private school, Chandler Academy, three friends John, Marcus, and Matt are the outcasts of their class. Constantly in trouble with the school, bullied by the other students and never getting the girls they want, they long to be in with the "in-crowd." When a new student, the mysterious and good-looking Luc, arrives on campus, they are given the chance to transform their lives. Luc initiates the three friends in a warlock ritual. In return, they gain the popularity and respect they never dreamed possible. But after watching his friends commit a series of crimes, John starts to figure out that Luc is after something much more from him and his friends... He wants their souls.



Forrest Cochran
Sean Faris
Stacey Scowley
Jennifer Capo
Noah Frank

David DeCoteau


Matthew Jason Walsh

Michael C. Cuddy


Jeffrey Walton