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Not Rated

Running Time: 92min


Britannic(2008) Based on the true story of Britannic, the sister ship of Titanic, which sank under mysterious circumstances during the early days of World War I. A romantic spy thriller which follows the events surrounding the fateful voyage of Britannic. The ship is commissioned as a hospital vessel for wounded soldiers. Everything is not as it appears aboard the great ship, as a beautiful British secret agent posing as a nanny will soon discover. She must confront the skeptical commander and double agents in a delicate and harrowing attempt to discover the dangerous truth of Britannic's last voyage. Event premiere on the Fox Family Channel-the highest rated and best reviewed in history. An excellent film in all respects.



Jacqueline Bisset
John Rhys Davies
Edward Atterton
Amanda Ryan
Bruce Payne
Ben Daniels


Brian Trenchard-Smith


Dennis A. Pratt
Brian Trenchard-Smith
Kim Smith


Paul Colichman
Mark R. Harris
Judith Hunt
Stephen P. Jarchow (Exec)
Beau Rogers (Exec)
David Forrest (Exec)


Alan Parker