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Gay & Lesbian
Not Rated
Running Time: 71min

The Art Of Being Straight (2009) Smart, handsome, twenty-three-year-old Jon (Jesse Rosen) has just moved to Los Angeles from New York, ostensibly "taking a break" from his longtime girlfriend. He moves in with college friend, whose pals incessantly do that kind of "That is so gay" banter that's essentially harmless -- unless you're the only gay guy in the room. Jon's new job as bottom-rung gofer at a major ad agency is fraught with sexual tension as his boss barrages him with thinly veiled come-ons. Infamous among his buddies as a womanizer, Jon is more surprised than anyone when he ultimately falls for the seductive charms of his boss, which sends him spiraling into a world of sexual confusion. Meanwhile, his friend Madelaine has recently chosen to become a lesbian. She falls for the affections of a man....until his wandering eye and casual maltreatment cause her to remember why she gave up men in the first place. Ultimately, each of the friends discovers that acceptance in modern American society is not as difficult as they thought, that social mores no longer dictate who we are and that each decision you make has a direct affect on your identity.



Jesse Rosen
Rachel Castillo
Johnny Ray Rodriguez
Jared Gray
Jesse Janzen

Jesse Rosen


Jesse Rosen

Ursula Camack
Amy Wasserman
Laurence Ducceschi (Exec)
Cathy Lopez Negrete (Co-Exec)
Michelle Lopez Negrete (Co-Exec)


The Musical Theater
Trevor Howard