Undertow (2010)
Not Rated
Running Time: N/A


Undertow (2010) Toby French is a bright young attorney whose father, Marcus, is a high-powered divorce attorney. When Toby meets with a prospective client on his boat, she soon realizes that something is seriously wrong.
Being held against her will, she quickly finds herself being held hostage in the middle of the ocean by a man seeking revenge against Marcus.
Her captor blames his bitter and nasty divorce for ruining his life and taking away everything that mattered to him – his wife, his daughter, his home.
Now he seeks retribution by taking the one thing that matters most to Marcus – his daughter, Toby. Tied up and beaten, Toby must fight hard to stay alive.



Dina Meyer
Peter O'Brien
Victor Parascos

Dale Bradley


Jacqueline Cock

Paul Colichman
Stephen P. Jarchow
Grant Bradley


Aaron Price