Lava Storm (2008)
Not Rated
Running Time: 92min


Lava Storm(2008) Lori Pratt is a brash safety inspector for the largest mining company in the country who throws herself into her work to escape a less-than-perfect personal life. Although her husband John is an emergency rescue worker and scientist, he's clueless when it comes to saving their marriage. In the middle of a routine accident investigation, a freak explosion traps Lori deep below the surface. When John reaches her, he notices a mysterious heat source behind the disaster but has no time to figure out the real cause in the unstable tunnel. Once they climb out of the mine, the horrific scene that meets them above ground is far worse than anything they could have imagined. An extremely rare and powerful volcanic eruption is underway; Lori watches helplessly as burning acid bubbles up into the river and fires race through town. Meanwhile, John's father and young children are desperately trying to find a safe place from the torrent of hot ash and lava that threatens to bury them alive. Lori's only thought is to save her family, but John knows that the disaster will reach far beyond their own lives to destroy the entire planet if he cannot warn the government in time. Finally realizing that they need each other more than ever, the couple will have to band together if they want their outrageous escape plan to work.



Ian Ziering
Valerie Valois

Sean Dwyer


Bill Hoffman

Jean Guy Despres
Sam Grana