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Harlan County War (2000)
Not Rated
Running Time: 104min


Harlan County War(2000) In 1973, Ruby and her husband, Silas, are living a hard life in Harlan County, Kentucky. The local mining company, Brookside Mines, employs 180 locals, including Silas and Ruby's ill father, paying workers under three dollars an hour. When a union organizer, Warren, organizes a strike at Brookside, the judge imposes harsh rules for the strikers. Ruby makes a crucial decision by joining Warren to fight Brookside and getting the miners’ wives involved. Ruby and the other female strikers are arrested, along with their children. After five months, the situation is desperate. But Ruby only rallies greater numbers for the cause. With the outcome of the strike hanging in the balance, a shocking incident brings national attention to the crusade. Based on true events surrounding the 1976 coal miners' strike, "Harlan County War" is a critically acclaimed drama that will keep you riveted till the end.



Holly Hunter
Stellan Skarsgård
Ted Levine
Wayne Robson
Alex House


Tony Bill


Peter Steverman


Robert W. Cort (Exec)
David Madden (Exec)
Mimi Rogers (Exec)
Chris Ciaffa (Exec)


Van Dyke Parks