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Comedic Thriller
A Good Night To Die (2003)
Rated R
Running Time: 98min


A Good Night To Die(2003) Ronnie, a career hit man in New York, is having a bad day. His apprentice, August, has killed the wrong man. Mob boss Madison has put out a hit contract on August. Ronnie vows to keep August alive and somehow redeem himself at the same time. He agrees to do a favor for Madison to save August's life. At the end of the day, everything comes down to loyalty and friendship. Ronnie soon discovers that no one can be totally trusted, and things are not always as they seem in this fast-paced, "Pulp Fiction" style comedic thriller. Action with a sly smile.



Michael Rapaport
Gary Stretch
Seymour Cassell
Deborah Harry
Ally Sheedy
James Russo
Frank Whaley
Robin Givens
Ralph Macchio

Craig Singer


Robert Dean Klein


Paul Colichman
Stephen P. Jarchow
Chris Williams
Jeffrey Schenck (Exec)
Mark R. Harris (Exec)
Gary Stretch (Exec)
Andreas Hess (Exec)


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