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Gay Comedy
Friends And Family (2001)
Not Rated
Running Time: 90min


Friends And Family(2001) Stephen and Danny have it all - friends, lots of money, and each other. Then, one day, a surprise visit from Stephen's Midwestern parents threatens to blow the boys' big secret. The secret? Not that Stephen and Danny are gay - Stephen's parents know all about that. What they don't know is that their son and his boyfriend are hit men for the Mafia kingpin, Victor Patrizzi! They believe Stephen and Danny are caterers. To make matters worse, Stephen's mom asks him to throw a birthday banquet for his FBI-agent dad. No problem - the boys enlist their macho gangster friends to serve as 'gay' waiters for the fictional catering company. Meanwhile, trouble is brewing in the Patrizzi household. Don Patrizzi's beautiful daughter brings home her new fiancé, who has a few secrets of his own, and Victor's sons are more interested in cooking and decorating than they are in taking care of the Family business. Add a few pouty drag queens and invading right-wing fanatics, and our two lovable 'wiseguys' are forced to show their true colors as they save the day.



Tony Lo Bianco
Greg Lauren
Christopher Gartin
Tovah Feldshuh
Anna Maria Alberghetti

Kristen Coury


Joseph Triebwasser

Kristen Coury
Joseph Triebwasser
Stephen P. Jarchow (Exec)
Paul Colichman (Exec)


Kurt Hoffman