Fizzy Business (2004)
Rated PG-13
Running Time: 85min


Fizzy Business(2004) Two childhood friends, Richie and Benji, are nutty teenage inventors who dream of conquering the soft drink industry. In a small coastal Florida town, the boys have been creating and perfecting their new product, Soda Plops - soft drinks in tablet form. Just add water and plop - portable soda! Anytime, anywhere. When a freak accident damages their lighthouse lab, a chance discovery washes up on the beach, offering the boys an opportunity to reclaim their dream. Thus, the boys begin their hilarious adventure into dangerous territory. With a little luck, a hip rap number, and a lot of help when they least expect it, the boys are set to succeed against all odds, while turning their small town of misfits and outcasts into a place of heroes.



Danny Smith
Brandon Quinn
Kevin Jubinville

Carl A. Goldstein


Carl A. Goldstein

Carl A. Goldstein
Richard C. Goldstein
Sylvia Caminer


Andrew Gross