Gay Drama
Fixing Frank (2005)
Not Rated
Running Time: 103min


Fixing Frank(2005) Adapted by Ken Hanes from his stage play, and directed by Michael Selditch in his feature film directorial debut, Fixing Frank is a powerful and unsettling drama exploring conversion therapy, the scientifically unproven method of turning homosexuals straight. Reporter Frank Johnston is sent undercover by his boyfriend, psychotherapist Jonathan Baldwin to write an expose on Dr. Arthur Apsey. Apsey claims to be able to successfully change gays to straight, and Jonathan convinces Frank to pose as a patient wanting to convert. But Jonathan and Frank underestimate Apsey's brilliance, leading Frank to doubt himself and his six-year relationship with Jonathan. As Frank falls under Apsey's spell, his relationship with Jonathan deteriorates, and a fierce psychological tug of war erupts between the two powerful doctors over the heart and mind of Frank. With careers, relationships and even core identities at stake, Frank must make some decisions that eventually explode the lives of them all.



Dan Butler
Andrew Elvis Miller
Paul Provenza

Michael Seldith


Kenneth Hanes

Michael Seldith
Randi Snitz
Liselle Feingold (Exec)


Mark Strano