Deadly Game (2000)
Not Rated
Running Time: 92min


Deadly Game(2000) Norm, a cop with a career on the skids, has the seemingly straightforward task of protecting Nathan, a 12 year old runaway who witnessed a murder. Nathan proves to be quite a handful. He handcuffs Norm to his bed, steals his credit cards, and runs. Meanwhile, a master criminal gets a tip about Nathan from a corrupt cop and the hunt for the boy begins. Norm's frantic search for the boy turns into a game of hide and seek. Both their lives are now at stake. In the course of this deadly game, they form an unusual bond. As the game concludes, Norm finds that he has the capacity for transformation, and the ability to help bring hope and meaning to Nathan's life.



Tim Matheson
Carol Alt
Catherine Oxenberg
Ed Marinaro
William Katt


Jeffrey Reiner


Lorne Cameron
David Hoselton


Paul Colichman
Mark R. Harrison
James Shavick
Stephen P. Jarchow (Exec)
Lance H. Robbins (Exec)
Rick Gitelson (Exec)
Beau Rogers (Exec)
David Forest (Exec)


Christopher P. Brady