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Gay Supernatural Thriller
Dante's Cove Season 1 (2005)
Not Rated
Running Time: 2x90min


Dante's Cove Season 1(2005) The sexy, young residents of a peaceful beachside town are plunged into a world of intrigue, secrets and shifting romantic ties when their town's sinister, supernatural past comes alive. Fleeing an unhappy home life, Kevin is excited about moving in with his lover, Toby, at a beachside apartment complex, the Hotel Dante. However, the young tenants of the old hotel soon suspect that its supernatural and sinister past may be alive and well. Lesbian goth Van, party girl Amber, and slacker Cory are among those who attempt to solve the mystery as the door has been opened to a world of evil forces that wreak havoc in the hip beach town. DANTE'S COVE is set in a small coastal town in Southern California, and boasts a cast of eclectic characters - most of them skaters, surfers, and college students. The good-looking young residents of the Hotel are gay, lesbian, bi and straight, at a point in their lives when they are full of hopes and dreams, but also coming up against the harsh realities of daily survival. Throw in a supernatural twist, and you have a fascinating and sexy show. SERIES half hour episodes premiering on here! TV in the USA.



Gregory Lee
Gregory Michael
Charlie David
Tracy Scoggins

Sam Irvin


Michael Costanza

Sylvia Hess
Paul Colichman (Exec)
Stephen P. Jarchow (Exec)
Sylvia Hess (Exec)


Eric Allaman
Sam Irvin