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Crash & Byrnes
Not Rated
Running Time: 92min


Crash & Byrnes(1999) Terrorists threaten to destroy a major city somewhere in the United States. Two mismatched agents are reluctantly teamed to put a stop to this devastation. Jack "Crash" Riley, an ex-CIA agent, knows the rules and how to break them. Roman Byrnes, a DEA agent from London assigned to partner with Crash, doesn't know the rules - he makes up his own. From the moment they are paired together, these two "lethal weapons" are constantly at odds. Infamous terrorist Lisette comes out of hiding to issue an ultimatum: the CIA must kill the President or she will unleash the deadliest virus known to mankind! Faced with this most difficult assignment, Crash & Byrnes must find a way to work together long enough to halt this mass destruction.



Wolf Larson
Steven Williams
Sandra Lilly Lindquist
Greg Ellis
Joanna Pacula


Jon Hess


Wolf Larson


Mark R. Harris
Shawn Williamson
James Shavick (Exec)


Kenneth G. Williams