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Chupacabra: Dark Seas (2004)
Rated R
Running Time: 89min


Chupacabra: Dark Seas(2004) Deep in the tropical rain forest, Dr. Kurt Pena, a crypto-zoologist, leads a team of mercenaries to capture the mythical beast - El Chupacabra. Never killed, never caught – it can kill an animal and drink it’s blood dry in seconds. The team sets a trap and captures it alive, but not before it tears through half of the men. Meanwhile, at a nearby port, a luxury cruise liner that caters to the wealthy and pampered sits ready to set sail. Captain Christopher Randolph is joined on this cruise by his daughter Jenny and Federal Marshall Lance Thompson. Dr. Pena bribes two crew members to place the caged creature on board. Once the ship embarks, the crew members in the hold become curious and open the cage. Their curiosity proves fatal as the Chupacabra escapes and kills them instantly. Now, the crew and passengers are at terrible risk and the creature is on a berserk rampage. Can this unrelenting killing machine be stopped?



John Rhys-Davies
Giancarlo Esposito
David Millbern

John Shepphird


John Shepphird
Steven Jankowski

Steven Jankowski
Paul Colichman (Exec)
Stephen P. Jarchow (Exec)
Jeffrey Schenck (Exec)


Penka Kouneva