Cave In (2003)
Not Rated
Running Time: 120min


Cave In(2003) Pat has seen it all. She's the daughter of long-time mine superintendent Cappy, who she’s just been hired to replace as Superintendent of the Greymount Mine. She's confident she can do a better job than her father. The Fourth of July Holiday is shattered by a tragic development. An accident floods the mine shaft, trapping four miners underground, including Pat's son and husband. Pat is now faced with the crisis of her life while being second-guessed by Cappy and the veteran miners. Cut off from their escape route by a raging, freezing current, the four trapped miners must brave a rising water level, freezing cold temperatures, and a dwindling supply of oxygen. Cappy and Pat realize that the only way to succeed is to work together. They're going to have to put their differences aside and cooperate if there is any hope to save their family. Tense action at a fever pitch.



Mimi Rogers
Ted Shackleford

Rex Piano


Peter Sullivan

Grant Bradley
Dale Bradley
Jozsef Fityus
Paul Colichman (Exec)
Stephen P. Jarchow (Exec)
Jeffrey Schenck (Exec)
Mark Huljich (Exec)


Andrew McDowall