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Gay Drama
The Business Of Fancy Dancing (2002)
Not Rated
Running Time: 103min


The Business Of Fancy Dancing(2002) Spokane Reservation best friends Aristotle Joseph and Seymour Polatkin are reunited sixteen years after their high school graduation. Seymour has flourished in college and embraced the opportunities in the white world, building a successful literary career as a poet. Things haven't gone as well for Aristotle. Seymour feels obligated to return for the first time in years to the people who would probably prefer that he just stay away. The only person who welcomes Seymour is his college sweetheart, Agnes Roth. She has the unfortunate experience of being the second person to learn that Seymour is gay. Tensions are heightened as Aristotle and Agnes have now become lovers. Aristotle's long festering bitterness is dangerously exposed by Seymour's arrival. A strange and provocative triangle of emotions is in the offing.



Evan Adams
Michelle St. John
Gene Tagaban
Rebecca Carroll
Kevin Phillip


Sherman Alexie


Sherman Alexie


Scott Rosenfelt
Larry Estes


Brent Michael Davids