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An Accidental Christmas
Not Rated
Running Time: 90min

An Accidental Christmas (2007) Separated after 15 years of marriage, Vicki and Jason are set up by their two teenage children to spend a Christmas vacation together on the beach. But their family vacation is further complicated when Vicki's boss and Jason's gorgeous assistant show up. As Jason spends more time with Vicki, it becomes clear that this marriage is far from over, and he decides to propose to her all over again. It will take a lot of luck, plenty of love and a little dose of magic to bring this family back together again.



Cynthia Gibb
David Millbern
James Hong
Jason Connery
Stuart Pankin

Fred Olen Ray


Mark Sanderson

Sylvia Hess LL.M.
Bill Shaffer
Christopher Racster


Brahm Wenger